Pre-sales Next Steps – Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!

Pre-sales Next Steps

There’s no need to pull your hair out when it comes to pre-sales next steps …

Choosing new business management software or finding a new partner for your existing Enterprise Resource Planning solution can be a daunting task.  In perspective your integrated systems will be a large proportion of your expenditure budget or capital outlay and selecting the right partner is paramount.

If you get this element right you will quickly start to gain business improvements in data visibility and operational efficiency and gain better business processes.  Get this wrong and you will have negative impacts in these areas, costing you time and money, something a modern business cannot sustain.

Reducing risk to this process is what pre-sales is about here at Total Enterprise Solutions and we understand the importance of your selection and if you think you need Enterprise Resource Planning solutions – or have the requirement to change your supplier to a new one, we have pin pointed the following areas that you may want to consider in the pre-sales cycle.


Seeing your proposed software in a demonstration environment is an essential part to your selection, you need to make sure you will be comfortable with navigating the screens and applications and first and foremost also make sure the functionality that you need to perform your day-to-day operation is present.

Our advice in demonstrations is for you to offer us a demonstration script.  Pick out your key business drivers and let us show you how we can make you more efficient – remember to pick things that you can challenge your chosen supplier, don’t make it too easy for us system folks! And don’t be afraid to ask for more than one demo, if your partner is serious about your project they will be more than happy to accommodate this.

We at Total Enterprise Solutions are very fortunate here – NAV is a Microsoft product and as such looks and feels like a Microsoft product.  Chances are if your staff have used Word or Excel then they will be very comfortable in using and operating NAV even if they haven’t seen it before.

Customer Site Visits or Reference Calls

Working with people that deliver good solutions, specifically in your sector means that the sites that they have previously delivered will be happy customers.  In our experience happy customers and well implemented projects do not mind fielding calls and emails.  Arranging conference calls with organisations that use your chosen supplier’s software is an easy task.

Depending on level of requirement reference visits can also be arranged to see the software live for another organisation.  This will give you an insight to the business challenges that we have overcome in real life businesses similar to your own.  Although please don’t be offended if your chosen reference site refuse you a visit, you could be in competition or they might have time constraints, we will be able to facilitate all your demonstration needs here at Total Enterprise Solutions – if you do get the opportunity to visit sites remember to take a bottle of wine with you as a token of thanks!


We feel this is a unique approach we take in the pre-sales cycle.  Committing to a new system or partner can be daunting, why do this when you are unsure or have any doubts about your selection?  Why not enter a pre-contractual phase of try before you buy?

This is one of the elements we can help you with, we are that confident that you will be happy with us is that all you need to do is commit to a small amount of consultancy time and we can manage and loan demonstration licences, server space or if needed hardware.

This way you get to see a chunk of your data in a live environment.  Also the chances are very high that the import routines and basic system training will come off the total value of the project meaning you do not have to spend unnecessarily on this.

Payment Terms

Although strictly not in the pre-sales cycle, we still feel payment terms should be discussed as early as possible in pre-sales to see how you will pay for your new or existing system.

We offer all of our customers the option to contribute to this discussion, each site can be different and the drivers for projects have varying goals.

To further reduce the risk attached to your investment we offer our customers milestone driven payment terms, meaning you only have to pay when you are happy with what has been delivered.  More often than not the only time you as an organisation have to commit to a supplier is on licence purchase or change of partner.

Confidence in what we do and commitment to delivering your solution well and working is our main objective.  As well as these milestone driven payments we can even offer you a retention on your project of three calendar months.


You may want to action all of the above steps, or just one or two.  The choice is yours and yours alone, you need to be sure that the partner you are considering can tick every box.  But please if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at Total Enterprise Solutions today about all your information systems and Enterprise Resource Planning queries on 0345 257 8241.