Month End Expense Time … Again?

So I write my latest blog article from the perspective of being a customer … this makes a pleasant change and boy did I try to be a difficult one!

We recently had my favourite Dutch consultant, Martijn Holterman, over to us from IDYN to implement the Expense Management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, written by Continia.  As a product, we were very keen to see this in action and what better way to understand something to suggest to my customers than to implement it yourself.

If you are anything like me, then the thought of completing your personal and card expenses will send a shudder down your spine.  The biggest headache is thinking “It’s not that time again” coupled with the hassle of trying to find receipts, trying to find where to code transactions and the time it takes out of your day job.  In fact, this simple administration task can be one of my biggest headaches.  My Finance Director will also agree when having to ask me for the seventh time to pull my finger out.

What is it?

So what is the Expense Management add-on you ask?  In its simplest form, it’s a mobile phone app that you can download from iTunes, Google Play or Windows Store that integrates into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  In this app, you can log all of your personal and business credit card expenses.  The simplicity of this is, in my mind is the strongest functionality point, all you need to do is fill in a few fields and take a picture of your receipt and hey presto … your expense claim is logged.  I would say it takes twenty seconds or so to complete the task.  You can easily setup approval workflows and default your own coding structures in the back office so that all the transactions are accurately logged.

2016-07-06 09.16.20

I also benefit from mileage claims in this app, as there is a dedicated mileage screen, which integrates into Google.  All you do is put in your start and end location, and the app will give you a choice of routes to calculate your mileage figure.  Again this is a huge benefit to me as I now don’t need to remember all my journeys for the month and manually work out distances.  This action is even shorter than the expense section, as I don’t have a receipt to take a picture of, and I would say it takes 10 seconds at the very maximum.

2016-07-06 09.18.31

Does it work?

So my month end problem that I mentioned before is now none existent!  Having this app forces me to complete the task as soon as I buy something or make a work journey and should you not take a photo of the receipt, a rather painful reminder will be sent to your smartphone as a notification.

We’ve now gone through a month end with this software and as well as the efficiency it brings, I also realised a higher level of data accuracy, something I wasn’t expecting and was a welcome surprise.

So, what did I do with my time saving, I, of course, wrote this blog article!

From a pricing point, it’s excellent as it looks at your Dynamics NAV licence and not staff count, so if you have a twenty user system, but two thousand staff.  Then you will only be charged for the twenty users.

So, if you are like the old me and want to save time on the painful monthly expenses procedure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today.