Document Capture is an add on that perfectly complements your NAV system.
Gone are the days of the manual entry invoice process, NAV eloquently and accurately inputs your data.

Assign a mail box to Document Capture, have all your invoices sent via email, document capture scans them and inputs them into your system. Eradicating the lengthy process to type them up, simply select at what point you would like to check the invoices and quickly and effectively they are processed.

Old Process

Supplier posts invoice

Post is sorted and sent to appropriate department

Employee manually checks invoice to PO

Inputs into the system, risks incorrect input

Document Capture

Invoice is sent via email

Predetermined mailbox ensures system scans in document

DC electronically inputs data

Systems checks everything is accurate


Vast amounts of time saved in accounts payable

Access document images through multiple NAV  ledgers

Automatically match invoices to purchase orders

Integrate to NAV approval workflows

Reduces the chance of input errors

For example:
100 invoices per week requiring 5 minutes per item to process 100 x 5 minutes = 500 minutes
Document capture reduces this time to 30 seconds of user interaction 100 x 30 seconds = 50 minutes
Saving 7 hours of labour per week – reducing the effort, refining the process, increasing the accuracy.
Should you require any further information, or be interested in how TES can improve your business, with add ons like document capture, please contact one of our team on :
0345 257 8241
Document capture the virtual assistant you can rely on.