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A free feature in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system to enhance your GDPR compliance.

As the GDPR is fast approaching, TES are urging their customers to start preparing in order to be well equipped when it comes into effect.. Storming into action with the biggest changes to data protection in over twenty years, boasting huge financial implications should you breach it. The GDPR is stern, serious and going to take some preparation. Here at TES we wanted to make our customers aware of a valuable feature in your Microsofy Dynamics NAV system, and exactly how to activate it.

Your Microsoft Dynamic NAV system boasts a Change Log. This locates the origin of errors or changes of data. From incorrect customer telephone numbers to incorrect general ledger inputs. The change log functionality lets you track all direct modifications a user makes to data in the database. This is a GDPR requirement.

Here is a step by step guide with everything you need to know about the change log.

If you would like to discuss GDPR compliance and how TES can assist you. Please contact us here.