Hand with credit card, hand with receipt. Pay bills, payment

Expenses? There’s an App for that.

Submitting your expenses every month shouldn’t be time-consuming. Receipts are often lost, and accurately tracking mileage is time-consuming when you’re busy. With the Expense Management Add-On, you can easily manage all travel expenses. Log the expense from a receipt or your credit card, save it, and assign it to a job number, all from your mobile device.

From smartphone to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Do it all from your phone. You and your employees download the App directly onto your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Phone. Through the App, expenses, receipts and attachments are directly imported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. One can follow the status of registered expenses: sent, approved or rejected. Receipts coming in through email are directly forwarded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This ensures that the accounting department is always on track with every expense.






Easy approval of payments

In Expense Management, you can import the bank account statements of all credit cards. These statements are automatically assigned to the registered receipts. The expenses can be approved by authorised staff through Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Reminders and reports to employees (e.g. ‘We are missing an attachment with that expense’) are pushed to them through the App.






Here’s why Expense Management saves you more than it costs:

· Easy-to-use App for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android Phone

· Expenses automatically exported to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV

· Complete control of approved and rejected expenses

· Mileage Registration

If you would like any further information about the Expense Management App, please do not hesitate to contact us.