Total Fun and Games!

This weekend our Technical Director Chris Wilson, and Operations Director Shane Clarke headed up our muddiest team building day to date. 10k of the muddiest event in the world of obstacle racing, with obstacles, mud, and lots more mud. The X Runner Mud Run was part of TES Team Building Day, it certainly brought the team together. Here they are:

Well done guys!

QBS Group

TES Awarded At QBS Share 2017

Technical Director Chris Wilson and Account Manager Claire Irving from Total Enterprise Solutions, attended the quarterly QBS share conference at Microsoft London Paddington headquarters this week.

The keynote presentation at this event was delivered by Marko Perisic, the General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365, and detailed the market positioning and roadmap for Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 and the associated technologies which enable Microsoft partners to deliver industry leading business solutions. We will be keeping our customers and readers informed about the innovative changes here on our blog over the coming weeks.

QBS partners are the best informed!

Along with all the exciting developments to come from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV world, we are delighted to be recognised for all of our hard work this year.

TES were presented with a Top Performers award. The best is yet to come!

Thank you to QBS for organising this informative and interesting event. We will look forward to the next one in March!

If you would like to find out about how Total Enterprise Solutions can help your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

monk fryston and hillam

TES Sponsors Beer Festival

It’s not all work, and no play here at Total Enterprise Solutions. Not only do we work alongside charities and the not for profit sector, we also like to give back, which is why we sponsored a beer festival!

Our Finance Director Robin Parkin, assisted organising Monk Fryston & Hillam Beer Festival. An annual beer festival aimed at raising money for local charities. It was a fantastic, successful day with £11,000 raised!


Well done Robin, what a great turn out!


Computer infection infographic flat isometric people concept Hacker spam phishing

Fraud named as the biggest threat to charities.

Three high-profile cases of fraud have been reported this summer, naming fraud as the biggest threat to charities currently and in the future.
Fraud costs the charity sector £1.9bn every year. This is a substantial sum of money taken away from the charities, and most importantly the people they help.
The fraudsters attack in a variety of forms both online and offline. There are various resources and procedures you can put in place to ensure your organisation isn’t one of the statistics. Here at Total Enterprise Solutions we have under gone the ISO 27001 certification, which includes independent reviews of information systems, and processes, to ensure security measures conform to accepted standards.

Yesterday our Operations Director, Shane Clarke, and our Head of Support, Change and Resourcing Jetta Clarke, attended BSI HQ to collect our certificate.

We are passionate about all things Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and pride ourselves on delivering the best service to our customers, which is why we constantly strive to ensure we are as robust against hacking, and fraudsters as we can be.
ISO 27001 is our cyber commitment to security. If you would like further advice and guidelines on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, protecting your organisation against fraud or GDPR please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Our friends at the CFG are running a Counter Fraud Campaign, you can read more about this here.

There is also a wealth of information and resources regarding anti fraud from Charities Against Fraud.

Total Enterprise Solutions; Passion, Quality, Integrity.

Analytic research and report on paper sheet.

Are you looking for fast, flexible, custom reporting inside Excel?

Often reporting is time consuming, expensive and unreliable. As part of our TES added value package we offer Jet Reports. What is it? Well, it is a third party add on that works seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Get accurate reports faster and cut costs by up to 50%. Faster, stronger, easier. We can help.

Get the right reports, at your fingertips. Easy access to data thanks to Jet’s self service reporting.

No more waiting on someone else to create or run reports for you. Jet Reports empowers you to explore data and create or modify your own reports without any special programming skills.

If you would like further information on Jet Reports please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Five Things To Consider When Choosing your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner

1.Are they aligned to your values?

Choosing the right partner is vital to maximizing your investment in your ERP system. Ensuring the provider is aligned to your values and business goals will insure your maximum return. A partner that fully understands your needs will enhance the functionality and performance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They should also boast a selective but appropriate add on collection you can implement as your business requires.

2. Do they have good digital health?

Every day we read about hackers, data leaks, or information loss. Choosing a partner who is security conscious, and digitally secure is vital to protect your business and customers. We have become ISO 27001 certified to evidence we continually strive to improve our data security, review and address threats. This not only protects our business but also our customers can rest assured we are doing all we can to be secure.

3.Will they let you taste it?

Ensure you try before you buy. With the digital age Webinars are an easy, but intimate way to ensure you are buying exactly what you’re looking for in your ERP system, or an add on to enhance your system. Choose a provider who will really allow you to taste the software before you commit to a purchase. A software demonstration with a rep will also allow for a Q&A session with a NAV specialist who can really show you the capabilities to suit your business.

4. Ensure they scope it out

Perception is 90% of the truth. What you think you’re getting maybe far from the reality. We advise substantial scoping initially to ensure you’re getting what you need, in the time frame you need it, for the price you agreed. Avoid any nasty surprises at the end, systems that fall short, or great functionality you wish you’d had bespoke, by ensuring your partner scopes out your requirements thoroughly. At TES we pride ourselves on a crystal clear proposal so both parties are aligned with what we are going to achieve, and how we are going to do it.

5. Do they share the knowledge?

Knowledge is power, effective training and empowerment of users is vital. Using Microsoft Sure Start training guidelines, and following a curriculum based training program maximises the knowledge we imbed in your organisation. We empower key users on customer sites to ensure we leave behind, a strong confident network, which allows a smooth transition to your new ERP system and maximises it’s use. If there are any issues we use ServiceNow which is a transparent self-service portal to allow customers to see any cases that are open, any work in progress, or closed cases. Sharing this information both internally and with our customers allows everyone to be kept fully updated and current.


If you would like to discuss TES becoming your Microsoft Dynamics NAV provider please do not hesitate to contact us.