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Total Approvals

Total Enterprise Solutions has been helping Public Sector, and Not For Profit organisations for over a decade. We understand the importance and complexities around budget management and budget approval. In all companies and organisations controlling spend is vital. Even more so in NFPs and the Public Sector.

Total Approvals is derived from our experiences working with many organisations. Totally configurable, and customised to your budget management requirements.

Total peace of mind that your budget holders have the spend against their budget managed, according to the rules of the organisation.

Totally scalable to grow with you.

How can it help your business?

The Challenge: Controlling your spend across the whole organisation is difficult

Our Solution: Using Total Approvals means all aspects of the purchase to cash cycle are performed in the same paperless system

The Challenge: Making business decisions based on the quality of information is difficult

Our Solutions: Total Approvals provides your budget holders with real time spend and commited spend information

The Challenge: Different business rules need to apply to different types of purchase

Our Solution: The Total Approvals system supports the setup of multiple Workflows that are specialised to the type of product/service being purchased

The Challenge: Existing approval procedures are difficult to maintain as staff come and go and their responsibilities change

Our Solution: Total Approvals uses a role based approvals engine

The Challenge: Finance staff spend a lot of time amending incorrectly coded documents

The Solution: While entering purchasing requests an end users visibility of coding options is filtered according to their permissions so they only see what they are allowed to code against. Inituitive Catalogues are used to abstract end users from actual general ledger expense

The Challenge: Our business needs to approve purchases by rules other than budgetary ones

The Solution: Total Approvals can define commercial procurement rules (e.g. any IT expenditure is also approved by the IT Manager irrespective of the department budget aginst which it is coded) that apply in combination with Budgetary rules in the approval workflow.

Fancy a look?

If you would like to find out how our Total Approvals software can help your organisation, please contact us for a free of charge webinar.