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How to hide data/information on FastTabs within NAV

Have you ever opened up your vendor card or customer card and been looking for a specific field on the card? Only to be greeted with a lot of unnecessary information that you will never ever use in your lifetime. Well now, there is a new way on how to hide these fields!

The first step to start your journey on getting rid of that unnecessary information is to open up a specific card (e.g. a vendor card, customer card or item card) and select the blue arrow located in the top left-hand corner. (Shown on the screenshot below).

Second step is to navigate to ‘Customise’ section and select this to then navigate to the ‘Customise this page…’ after this step is completed a box should appear.


Third step is to select the ‘FastTabs’ section on the pop up box and select the specific fast tab that you wish to edit/customise and select the ‘Customise FastTab’ button (Shown on screenshot below).

After you have completed step three, we then move onto step four. For this step another box shall appear (If previous step done correctly) and from here you can remove certain fields from view for the card you are editing. If you remove one field on one vendor card this shall apply to all Vendor cards, this means no matter which vendor card you go on you will not be able to see the field you have removed.

Please see below for a before and after screenshot, and the results from this process.




As a side note please be aware that the field can still be added in if required just follow the same process but instead add the field you have removed.


We hope you’ve found this ‘how to guide’ if you would like any more please do not hesitate to contact us.