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Day 8 – Our best kept Christmas Secret

My Customers, My Items My Vendors in a saved filter.

People don’t seem to use this because they don’t know how, but its such a useful tip to know! 

On the role centre is the My Customers box, which is a list of customer that do not fit any kind of filter. You can add or remove customers from the list as you need to.

As it stands this is not all that useful. It is just a box on the role centre.

However from the customer list if you set a filter on “No.” it converts it to a real filter.


Save this as a filtered view..

And your customer list gets added as a dynamic filter. Each time you add or remove a customer from the My Customers  it updates the saved view

Use the same %Mycust on the customer ledger entries to form a real time debtor list of a number of customers you want to keep an eye on..