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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 – New Features Webinar

With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 we want to share with you the enhanced features and updates! Our Finance Director Robin Parkin is showcasing the new software on

Wednesday the 20th of December at 14:00. You can register for this here.

Download our free ‘What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018’ here. 


Some enhancements and features you can expect:

Power BI reporting
Dynamics NAV provides Business Intelligence in the place and time you need it. With the new Power BI reporting control, you can gain awareness to your Power BI reports by making them visible from within the most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV. Not only are you able to view Power BI reports you select, but you can also interact and filter the reports by selecting records from the associated list page.

Image Analyser
The Image Analyzer extension uses powerful image analytics provided by the Computer Vision API for Microsoft Cognitive Services to detect attributes in the images that you add to items and contact persons, so you can easily review and assign them.
• Contact persons – Recognize a person’s gender, or age.
• Items – Identify attributes like type and colour. For example, whether it’s a table or a car, or red or blue. Image Analyzer suggests attributes based tags that the Computer Vision API finds with a confidence level.

User Tasks
The new User Tasks allow you to create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organization.

Employee ledger entries
In general journal lines, there is a new account type and new balancing account type, Employee. Posting a general journal line with Employee as account type or balancing account type will generate an employee ledger entry.

Preconfigured Excel reports. 
The Business Manager and Accountant Role Centres have a new option in the ribbon for Excel Templates. From the Excel Templates list, users can choose a preconfigured report that is ready to print from Excel.

Register for our Free Webinar Wednesday the 20th of December at 14:00-14:40 here.


Download our free ‘Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018’ guide here!