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How much do you rely on paper?

Paper remains at the heart of many businesses today, despite us living in the digital age.

SMEs, in particular, still rely on paper-based processes and believe there are too many challenges to overcome in order to reduce this reliance. However, there are some easy-to-implement steps you can take if paper is costing you time and money, and the benefits of going paperless are well worth striving towards.

The benefits
There are a range of processes that are still carried out using paper by numerous companies. These include sales order processing, supplier invoice processing, expense management, collections management and proof of delivery tracking.

Some of the benefits of moving these processes from paper and onto your screen include:
• Saving time and costs by producing, sending, filing, approving and retrieving documents automatically and electronically, rather than manually using paper
• Improving customer service by helping your finance, sales and customer services teams respond more quickly to enquiries by having everything on screen
• Reducing your carbon footprint by cutting the amount of paper that your company prints, stores and delivers

Learn more
We are hosting a webinar with our partner Equisys, who specialize in document and expense management software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During this, we will discuss:
• The challenges involved in going paperless
• The facts behind how much time and money paper is costing businesses in the UK
• Practical steps you can take to reduce your reliance on paper
• How other mid-sized businesses have become paperless

Join this free webinar on Wednesday 14th February at 12:30 – 13:00 if you’d like to discover ways to reduce your paper usage and achieve a fast return on your investment

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