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Embracing the fear of digital transformation

Are you thinking of undertaking a digital transformation? Are you not convinced by the sparse roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and want to trade your license in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Moving all your infrastructure into the cloud but not sure where to start? Change is good for you, don’t fear the digital transformation.

Here at Total Enterprise Solutions we have a bespoke methodology that we have reviewed and refined to ensure even the biggest of transformations run smoothly. Technology is ever changing and there is no doubt the success of your organisation is key to keeping up with the times.

At TES we work collaboratively with your organisation to empower your employees and the NAV system users to guide them through the transition. We know that change is sometimes seen as fearful and when surveyed, three-quarters (74%) of UK leaders surveyed agreeing that alterations in tasks create anxiety among employees and almost half (49%) also find employees express fear of change when digital transformation initiatives are introduced. So, what can you do combat these fears?

Microsoft’s 5 ways to embrace fear

1. Reframe the language. Be clear and transparent about what you are doing and why you’re doing it. Highlight the benefits to employees alongside benefits to the business, and try to bring the changes you want to life through personal stories, rather than buzzwords that might turn people off.

2. Be clear that you encourage experimentation and are accepting of failure on the path to success.  Show this through words but also through your actions.

3. Be proactive in allowing teams the time and space to experiment, so they feel engaged in finding solutions and new ways of working with digital technologies.

4. Be empathetic and flexible, rather than rule driven. Empathic leadership promotes a sense of team and increases productivity, morale and loyalty.

5. Encourage employees to team up and put processes in place that foster a culture of dialogue, conversation and feedback, as opposed to imposing ways of working on people.

From your initial expression of interest, business analysis and scoping, training, through to go live, we have a dedicated team to take you through your journey. From sales, to project managers and your dedicated account manager, from the moment you join the TES community you’ll be supported. We always strive to build long term relationships so customer service and support is paramount to us.

If you would like to enquire about further training for your team with Microsoft Dynamics NAV we can help. If you’re thinking of joining the TES community and want to see if we’re the right partner for you, just drop me an email at Samantha.shaw@totalenterprisesolutions and I will endeavour to answer your questions.

You can download the complete document the Microsoft tips came from in our Downloads section.