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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Trusted, Agile, Managed, Personal.

Whatever organisation you’re in, software and data are not just behind the scenes but an integral part of how you operate. It should change how you do your business because if it isn’t changing yours, data will be changing your competitors. Therefore, a reliable, knowledgeable ERP system is vital to the success of your organisation. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. 

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It has been operating and evolving for over a decade, with Microsoft continually investing millions of pounds to ensure it stays market leading. Continual investment and development ensures Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides its users with the latest innovative technology, and all the tools they need to succeed. 

Our business right now is completely different to how it was just a year ago. Both how we run the business, and how we deliver our engineering. A year ago, fundamentally we ran the software on premise. Today, people are increasingly choosing to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud and take advantage of all it’s benefits. 

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What ever business you’re in, be it retail, manufacturing, or service, software and data is not what happens behind the scenes, it should direct your business. The wealth of Microsoft investment, from the cloud to the breadth of services, (like Power BI) NAV gives you insight to data in minutes . Any data, any way, anywhere, and all in one view.

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Microsoft have continual investment in The Cloud. The Microsoft Cloud differs from competitors as its focus is to provide the customer with exactly what they need. They have data centers across the globe, exactly how the customer requires.  Microsoft are committed to being ahead of the GDPR compliance regulations, not only internally at Microsoft but also for their customers to be compliant. They are constantly working to be more agile, compliant and secure. Microsoft secure data through encryption, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Not only your data, but that of your customers.

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Both within Microsoft and TES, security is a core theme which is why TES are proud to have achieved ISO 27001. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV prides itself on being agile, trusted, managed and personal. Total Enterprise Solutions have over a decade of experience with NAV.

If you have a pain point you would like to discuss it is likely our team will have come across it before, or if you don’t feel your current ERP system is meeting your needs, Microsoft Dynamics NAV may be the solution for you.

At TES we constantly review the market and form strategic partners so we can deliver everything you need to succeed with an adaptable platform, completely unique to your business.

If you would like to discuss what TES could do for your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us on Samantha.shaw@totalenterprisesolutions.co.uk