General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central and GDPR

In our final blog of the GDPR series we aim to bring together all of the information we have shared so far.

The GDPR is a comprehensive piece of legislation, bringing the most significant changes to data protection law in the EU in over a decade. Whilst we aren’t GDPR specialists, we have endeavoured to highlight some of the key points which may affect you in this blog ‘GDPR – What will the changes mean to you’.

There are no singular actions you can take to be compliant, it is going to take a collective organisational effort. We have the support of Microsoft, who are dedicated in continually enhancing Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Business Central to support users with compliance. You can read their blog ‘Get GDPR compliant with the Microsoft Cloud’ here.

Microsoft recommend 5 Key steps to GDPR Compliance:

1: Discover – Identify personal data and where it resides in your NAV system

2: Manage – Grovern how personal data is used

3: Protect – Establish security controls to protect your data

4: Protect – Establish controls to detect breaches

5: Report – Executre on data requests and required documentation


If you attended our GDPR Tool webinar you may see the correlation between the functionality and reporting offered in our tool and the GDPR directives it compliments.

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