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How’s your organisations security health?

There has been so much publicity around data leaks, hacking and fraud within organisations. Total Enterprise Solutions (TES) have been requested to conduct ‘Security Health Checks’ within many of our clients.

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures we must keep our attention on the pulse of IT security. With the development of our GDPR Tool simplifying many of the requirements around GDPR, our Vendor Bank Account Security and coupled with the security commitment from the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central through TES is a safe foundation for your organisation. We have become a trusted security advisor and are now offering a ‘Security Health Check’ around permissions and your NAV/ 365 Business Central set up.

Permissions within your NAV / 365 Business Central system maybe an area of concern. Many organisations set up their system with all users having ‘super user permissions’ as correctly assigning permissions within NAV / 365 Business Central  can seem daunting. With the new GDPR guidelines, and general best practise it is not necessary for some roles within your organisation to see all of the system. A benefit of NAV is all permissions are totally customisable. TES can help you navigate this functionally rich but complex area of the system.

You can specify the type of access that each user has to each element of data within the system. There is also a change log so there is a trail to see who, what, when and why they made the changes. NAV/365 Business Central also records the old and new value when changes are made for a full audit log. This offers an extended layer of security for you and your organisation.

With the flexibility and scalability of NAV / 365 Business Central , the role tailored client empowers your employees to be able to do their job, while simultaneously safe guarding your data and mitigating security breaches.

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