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Struggling with an outdated ERP system? Are you using Microsoft Dynamics GP and require a modern solution?

Are you outgrowing your accounting system? Do you want to upgrade your legacy ERP system or outdated Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains?

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, that upgrade is here!

The modern solution for the modern business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the software of choice, but how do you get it? Microsoft are supporting the migration from Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains to Business Central with a license trade in value scheme.

Modern, streamlined interface makes it user friendly and easy to navigate. Empower your workforce with the latest technology and systems to do their jobs while maintaining the trusted and proven Microsoft suite.

Connect your on-premises Dynamics SMB solution to the intelligent cloud through Dynamics 365 Business Central, and get access to Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, machine learning and others.

From edge device to many cloud solutions.

With Microsoft supporting the road map to migrate GP users to Business Central we will do the hard work for you, while providing a market leading solution. GP will be seamlessly connected via the Intelligent Edge to the cloud. This allows leveraging of the MS technology with the ability to migrate a GP customer to the cloud in a more simplified fashion.

Things to consider if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is right for you: 

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Looking to integrate all of your organisations departments? Business Central can!

Want full integration with Microsoft Office 365? Business Central can!

Does your current system let you send quotes and invoices directly from Outlook? Business Central can!

Do you have duplicate data in different systems? Business Central brings all of this together!

Struggle to pull reports, showing exactly how you require the data? Business Central is easily customisable!



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central has a whole host of benefits through powerful new features for working with lists and searching for pages and reports.

What other benefits are users experiencing?

  • Improved layout and data with the refreshed desktop. Easier than ever to use with a focus on improved layout of data, taking advantage of screen space, the better data visibility, readability and easier navigation through the entire application. Attractive, capable, mature and with a fast browser experience running and growing a business is easier than ever.
  • Modern user experience. Navigation with the back button displayed prominently on the left of the page and with special dynamic system commands occupying the middle section it has moved navigation closer to users.

An example of customer card

Example of a customer card.

Multiple elements related to lists, lookup windows, and grids have been refreshed to align with the rest of the product and with the aspiration of Business Central to be modern software for the cloud and on-premises.

Example of a list of customers

Example of a list of customers.

With the new command bar, users can now be more productive with larger screen estate devoted to their business data, reducing space used previously for menus and ribbons. Our customers have been particularly pleased with the clean fresh interface, flexible grid customisation, and fast access to data.

  • Improved productivity in lists. Improved data filtering navigation, personalisation the freeze pane and more. Work efficiently in lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by influencing calculations and applying filters to multiple fields.
  • Filtering lists. Anchored to the side of your lists, the new filter pane has a familiar design that is easy to learn and efficient to work with. Switch between predefined filtered views of your list, adjust a view by adding your own filters, or simply start from scratch.

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