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Meet the new Jet Global!

Jet Reports, developers of the most widely used reporting and analytics solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, announces that effective today, their new corporate brand name will be Jet Global Data Technologies.

The upgrade in branding comes during a time of rapid change for both Jet Reports and the ERP market as a whole.

“The speed of development in technology isn’t slowing down,” says Joe Little, CEO of the new Jet Global. “as Microsoft pushes technology advancements, we push along with them. With the launch of Dynamics 365 and our continued jump into the cloud, it was clear that our product lineup went far beyond reporting. For years, we’ve helped people with their analytics, data management, and report portability, but that message was increasingly lost as we grew beyond our core reporting focus. Moreover, with the introduction of our new Jet Budgets product, we thought the time for re-invention was now.”

The Jet Reports name isn’t going away entirely, however.
The 219,150 users of Jet Reports will experience the same level of service and even more features and functionality now than ever before, and there will be no significant changes to the way Jet Global conducts business with its global partners and customers. Products are being enhanced and reimagined, and while there is no main product sunsetting on the horizon, a new product lineup is being rolled out to coincide with the rebranding.

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Jet Professional                                                                                        Jet Reports

Jet Enterprise                                                                                           Jet Analytics

Jet Express for Excel                                                                               Jet Basics

The Jet Web Portal                                                                                   Jet Hub

(New)                                                                                                           Jet Budgets


“The market may have been stagnant around us for a few years because our products work so well, they almost forget we’re here,” says George Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for Jet Global. “We started to look at who we are and what we want to do for our customers and realized that the Jet Reports name was selling our mission short. Our mission has always been to help customers access their data to make decisions that drive better business outcomes, and we do that with more than reporting. The rebrand was a huge undertaking for the entire team here, and we really considered what we wanted it to say about us. We realized that we love the Jet moniker, but felt limited by the reports component from a core delivery perspective. With the new Jet Global branding, we’re best able to help people understand how we can help them with total data access.”
Jet Global hopes the new company name and product branding will help more customers realize their data potential sooner and have a clearer understanding of how to make their Microsoft Dynamics ERP data work for them.
After 16 years of delivering unparalleled access to data through fast and flexible reporting and business analytics solutions that are cost-effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users, Jet Reports officially becomes Jet Global. With a renewed focus on the end-user, Jet Global promises to usher in the era of total data access on a global scale.

Jet Global will be at the TES Customer Day 2018! Confirm your place now if you haven’t already as we are nearly full.

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Changes to Dynamics NAV & 365 Business Central Pricing & Licencing

From the 1st October Microsoft announced there will be changes to future licencing policies for the Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central platforms. As each organisation is unique please get in touch to discuss how these changes will affect you.
We will be covering these changes at our annual customer day on the 22nd of November

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Pertinent points to note:

• Business Central will use a named user licencing model
• You have until the 31st of December 2018 to buy Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• From the 1st of January 2019 new licenses will only be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you want to discuss this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The two commercial options available for you for purchasing Business Central On Prem are:


If you decide to stay on Perpetual then Microsoft will give you 2 named users for every Concurrent user you have on your licence, there are 2 types of Named user, Essentials and Premium, the latter being for those companies using Manufacturing and / or Service Management. If you have limited users today, then they will be traded on a 1-for-1 basis for the new Team Member user and Device licences will also be done on a 1-for-1. Your version of NAV and the functionality you have purchased will dictate what your trade-in is worth. You should check now to see what you are entitled to.

If you are currently a TES customer contact your account manager for any further information or call us today on 0345 257 11763


If you opt for the Subscription licence model then Microsoft have announced several options that acknowledge your years of commitment to the Dynamics NAV brand:

Option 1 – You can transition fully to a Subscription-based model and receive a 40% discount of the monthly Subscription price. Customers that chose this route will no longer be paying BREP.

Option 2 – You can transition to a Subscription-based model but choose to carry on paying your BREP. For customers taking this route they will be given an 80% discount on the monthly Subscription price.

Regardless of which option you choose you will have the opportunity to use the Cloud Add-On for an additional monthly fee per user. This means you can have an on-premise or private cloud solution that syncs key data to the Microsoft cloud giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the Intelligent Edge, a set of cloud based connected systems and devices that gather and analyse your data giving users get real-time insights and experiences.

These discounts will be in place until 30th June 2021.

Pricing will be different for every customer. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can look at all of your options, advising an informed choice.

Contact us on 0345 257 1173 or

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Jet Reports 2018 R2 Release: The Multi-Tasking Magic of Background Reporting

When it comes to groundbreaking innovations in reporting and business intelligence, the latest release of Jet Reports doesn’t disappoint.

This update to the Excel integrated solution introduces a new concept called “Background Reporting.” A Jet Reports original feature, Background Reporting delivers the ability to run, refresh, and save real-time reports while you continue to actively use Excel and other Microsoft Applications, opening up entirely new capability for the tasks you can be doing while simultaneously updating reports.

But the advancements don’t end there! Jet Reports 2018 R2 also pioneers the ability to initiate running reports directly from your Windows desktop, which means you can simply right-click the icon of your Excel report from your desktop or file folder to initiate the refresh without opening the entire document. A task tray will let you know when the report is ready, and we are willing to bet you’ll never look at your list of Excel files with more admiration.

What all of this means for Microsoft Dynamics users is that the remaining traditional, mundane, or repetitive tasks for refreshing reports and putting together report packages during year-end and month-end close will be nearly eliminated. For instance, gone are the days where you have to open a multitude of individual reports files to refresh them if they weren’t already queued in the Jet Reports Scheduler, or wait for one report to be done before moving on to the next. In addition, finance professionals and executive management can stay fully productive in their Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, while concurrently updating business data and financial statements, a capability unmatched by other reporting options.

Why stop at evolving reporting efficiency? We certainly don’t. Enhancement of the collaboration, sharing and report management capabilities available to companies using Microsoft Dynamics are also a big focus in this Spring release. The Jet Web Portal – a mobile enabling feature included with all Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise packages to organize, access, and run reports from any device with a web browser, now brings the ability to set-up “Users” and “Groups.” This enables more detailed permission and configuration, which in turn gives companies more control, flexibility, and ease in defining who can see and access specific reports.

A long-time, unique benefit to using Jet Reports as the default report writer for Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, GP, or AX has always been its ability to upgrade reports with Dynamics version upgrades, seamlessly. No rebuilding, re-coding or consulting required, which saves organisations thousands of pounds when they change versions of their Dynamics ERP solutions. Thus, Jet Reports 2018 R2 is completely ready for Business Central.

 If you would like to upgrade your ERP system to Business Central do not hesitate to contact TES on 

Overall, Jet Reports 2018 R2 is a monumental leap forward in the automated analytics and collaborative reporting capabilities available for Microsoft Dynamics today. And for over 154,000 users, these updates will come included in their annual enhancement plans (AEP). A full list of new features and enhancements is available in the What’s New in Jet Reports 2018 R2 article in the Jet Reports Help Center, and you can check out our 2-minute overview video now: