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It’s Tes-mas! 12 days of top tips!

What a year it has been at Total Enterprise Solutions. At TES we continually strive to improve our customer service. After such great feedback after last years 12 days of Christmas we have brought it back this year bigger and better!

Day 1 How to use Address lookups in Dynamics NAV

Do you get frustrated having to continually populate address information of Customers and Vendors? Because of this manual approach do you often see spurious address entries? Thankfully, from NAV 2017 there has been the opportunity to use Address lookup functionality. In the form of an extension.
To begin, you need to install the extension which is provided as part of your NAV install. Simply use your search bar to search for “Extensions” and click “Extension Management”.


As illustrated above, select the “ UK Postcodes” extension and click “Install” in the ribbon. A wizard will launch to guide you through installing the extension.
Users will then need to log out and in of NAV before this extension takes effect.
To finish the install process, you must request a web API, this is done when you try to create your first Customer/ Vendor where you will have the option to “Configure” by clicking this a window will open asking for a Web API, underneath this field there is an option to “GET Web API Key, by clicking this you will be directed to “” where you simply add in your email address and wait for an email to arrive which has a Web API key in the body, simply copy and paste this key into the original window.
Please note, this functionality is free for up to 20 Address requests per day. If as an organisation you require more, please find the price list HERE.
When users navigate to an address input field, for example the “Customer Card”, there will be a flow field saying, “Lookup Address from Postcode”, if users click this, they will see a simple window asking them to enter the “Postcode” and the “Delivery Point”. Delivery point being the “House Number”/ “Unit Number”.


If you have specified the “Delivery Point” the address information for your new customer will have been completed, if this was left blank you will be provided with a list of the addresses within that “Postcode”. As illustrated below.

Simply click the correct address, followed by “OK”, and the address information will be populated. As you can see here.


If your curious about the address, you can also then click the ‘Show on Map’ Flow field which will show you where in the UK the address it.

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