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Today’s Christmas Tip – Adding a Field to a page in Dynamics NAV Business Central !

In business central the environment looks different to the usual NAV client many people have become used to seeing, this doesn’t mean you’re not able to add fields as you have done previously.

To do this you will need to open the ‘Personalisation’ mode within the business central application, the way to do this is navigate to the ‘Settings’ button in the business central ribbon.

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Once you have hovered over the cogs icon a dropdown list will appear with three options, to personalise the page you will need to select the ‘Personalise’ option.

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You will know you have entered the ‘Personalisation Mode’ as a drop down will appear at the top of your business central application.


You can then navigate to the list/page you wish to add a field to


Once you have navigated to the page it will look as follows.


To add a field to the list you will need to select the ‘More’ option located in the ‘Personalisation Mode’ dropdown.


A new box will appear under the ‘Dynamics 365’ icon with a ‘+ Field’ option which you will need to select.


Once you have selected ‘Add’ you will then see a new box appear of the right-hand side with a list of fields you can add to your page.


To find the field you want you can scroll through the list or use the search functionality provided.


To add a field all you need to do is click the field on the right hand side and drag this to the desired place within the list your personalising.


Once have added all of the fields you would like you just need to confirm the changes by clicking the ‘Done’ button at the top right of the business central page.


Check back tomorrow for another Christmas tip!

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