Day 11 – Customer Discount Groups

Dynamics NAV  Customer Discount Groups Day 11 Top Trick! 

In NAV there is the option to define Customer Discount Groups. This enables you to offer an invoice discount across all items that you sell, this can be simpler to maintain that Customer Price Groups. 


The Following Steps Outline how to use Customer Discount Groups in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

1. Navigate to the Customer Disc. Groups Setup CRONUS UK Ltd./Departments/Sales & Marketing/Order Processing/Setup

2. In this Window you need to define a Code and Description for the Disc. Groups. tab 1

3. When you have created the Customer Disc. Group you will now need to apply Discounts for Customers within this Discount Group, you do this by clicking ‘Sales Line Discounts’ in the Ribbon. 

tip 3

4. In this window you will be able to specify Discount applied to specific Items or Items within an Item Disc. Group as well as minimum Quantities and start and end dates for contractual agreements or promotions if required.

5. Now that we have created Customer Disc. Groups we need to add it to Customers so that the Discount will be applied when selling to the specified Customers. We can do this on the Customer card by populating the ‘Customer Disc. Group’ field.  

6. You will now be able to process sales orders and the correct discount will be applied in sales documentation.

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