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We take our offering to not-for-profit organisations very seriously ....

This is our sector and we believe in always making our products and delivery methods better. We have a strategic road map which has been designed with the help of organisations such as the British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, but to do this effectively, we also need you; the more input we have, the better.We are always attending cultural event days such as the Association of Cultural Enterprises (ACE) convention and we often host our own engaging product awareness events.

November 30th 11:00-11:30

Not For Profit Webinar

Free advice from our Finance Director Robin Parkin, who has over a decade of experience working with the Not For Profit sector.  
See how to easily manage your reporting and be in full control of your  budget expenditure. Along with a live demonstration of the software in action, including working seamlessly with Power BI and Office 365, see how it can increase your organisation's efficiency.

Robin Parkin