A brand that defines what makes TES, well, TES!

Brand launch


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A brand that defines what makes TES, well, TES!

As the business evolves, TES becomes more confident and ambitious. To take that journey of evolution to a famous standing, the brand will take centre stage. Simply put, the brand reflects what makes TES distinctive and different.

The brand position has changed. TES is shifting from simply just an implementation service and partnership to an approachable, human, and positive experience that will nurture organisations to get where they need to be.

Four brand pillars

When developing ideas for relaunching the brand, four key pillars were derived which TES believe to be integral towards building an identity and aligning with the core values of the business. They are quality, integrity, passion, and people.

Quality will be represented through resourcefulness and a desire to always be helpful.

Marketing tactics and campaigns will reflect resourcefulness and ensure that the audience takes value away from everything communicated through the brand and its people.

Integrity and the strong moral principles held at TES will be represented in how the business communicates.

It will be with empathy and compassion. It will be upbeat and upfront. It will be communicating on a level with customers and always conversational.

Passion is reflected in several brand codes and assets.

Energy and movement will be evident with the introduction of the rhythm ribbon, a bespoke typeface, and vibrant colour palette.

People are the beating heart of the brand.

The people at TES are friendly, resourceful, and helpful, guiding customers to where they need to be. So, showing the world who the people behind the brand are, is key. That’s why stock images and linear predictable graphics are being ditched for real moments with real TES people, in their real environments. The infectious personalities will finally shine through.

A brand that defines what makes TES, well, TES!

Brand mission

Since TES was founded, it has brought about digital transformation and helped countless organisations achieve method and methodology, process and procedure, coordination, and major efficiencies. The benefits are several and they’re all fundamental.

When TES approach organisations today, it will communicate one thing clearly: You need to define the rhythm of your organisation, and TES will get you there!

TES will get you there can be considered a slogan, a way of life, and a promise.

The TES System is a bespoke typeface that incorporates rounded edges to move away from rigid, angular codes to instead utilise something altogether more friendly and approachable.

The TES Rhythm Ribbon is a reflection of the fluidity of digital transformation, the journey customers embark on as partners with TES, and the organisational rhythm that is defined during that partnership.

A brand that defines what makes TES, well, TES!

With a clearly distinctive visual identity, communication style and a differentiating approach to marketing in a competitive space, TES is on a mission to the top, watch this space.

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One mission
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A brand that defines what makes TES, well, TES!