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At Total Enterprise Solutions, we have been implementing Dynamics 365 in to non-profit organisations and the public sector for over a decade.

Our team of experts know the complexities these organisations face around financial management and we understand the importance of Dynamics 365 for non-profits.

From these partnerships, we have created a bespoke accounting software management solution that will help you meticulously and easily track evidence of your organisation's accounts, giving you peace of mind that all your finances are being tracked accordingly.


We Know That Dynamics 365 for Non-Profit Can Help:


Cash Management

Of course, budget is vital to success. We know this. That’s why we provide an easy-to-use forecasting tool which allocates funds across each project pot, ensuring you are always in-the-know and on budget.


Capital Project Management

Managing your projects is crucial. Dynamics 365 for non-profit can help you assign a budget, approval streams and compare your spend to previous projects. It’s simple to meticulously run all Capital Projects easily and efficiently.


Budget Management

Budget management is vital for non-profit organisations. Dynamics 365 for non-profit provides budget holders with efficient access to manage their budget through configured approval routes when purchasing items. You can also monitor the status on the system while documents are being raised against the budget.

Expect a dedicated system to streamline processes using Dynamics 365 for non-profit, including:



Allow departments to work seamlessly with each other, wherever they are.



Export data that's fully compliant with SOFA and SORP rules.



Accurately forecast budgets for projects such as campaigns and events.


Fund Accounting

Allocate and analyse project spend to quickly evaluate your available balance.


Partial VAT

Allocate VAT right up to submission through a special coding structure.



Record all your fundraising opportunities and monitor progress.

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