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We understand the noble goals that environmental charities are focused on achieving.

TES Staff - Dan West


TES recognises the seriousness of climate change. Everyone has a responsibility to act, and to take decisions that will support a sustainable, low carbon future, and it’s TES’ responsibility to ensure that at the very least, the company does not damage the environment through its own actions.

TES’ strong moral principles of believing in doing the right thing is always the right thing, means that TES is committed to acting and conducting itself in a responsible manner to protect the environment.

Although climate change mitigation is important to TES, it is just one of many areas surrounding sustainability. TES therefore plans to extend its future projects, initiatives and activities surrounding the environment, social value and governance, to create a lasting and integrated sustainability strategy that delivers an ethical business, drawing on our core values of quality, integrity and passion at every step.

Whether you’d like to arrange an informal chat, a free demo or discuss a potential project, our team of charity and not-for-profit digital transformation experts are always on hand. Call us on 0345 257 1173, email enquiries@totalenterprisesolutions.co.uk, or fill in our form to get in touch.

“The climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic have brought to the forefront the urgent need for all of us — individuals, businesses, government, finance — to make radical changes to ensure that our world can be a safe and healthy place now and for the decades and centuries to come. We are pleased to be able to support TES on their sustainability journey”

Christoph Geppert

“We’re very aware that fighting the climate crisis really matters to our customers and our team. Every day, climate change is highlighted as one of the main social issues of our times. It’s important to me that as we grow as a business, we mitigate our impact on the climate.

“TES wants to be proactive in setting itself the challenge of establishing long-term goals and achieving demonstrable improvements in this regard, year after year.”

Paul Faulkner – CEO

Our Stakeholders

TES has responsibility towards a large range of stakeholders. The company builds its reputation and the capacity to create long-lasting, trust-based relations with multiple stakeholders on the basis of its core values. TES believes the following behaviours are key to building relationships and unlocking new possibilities:

  • Transparency: Communicate openly, honestly and in a timely fashion. Be clear and specific about intentions, interests and goals for engagement
  • Inclusivity: Engage a diverse group of relevant stakeholders early to identify solutions together
  • Collaboration: Seek mutually beneficial solutions for shared goals
  • Open-mindedness: Listen to gain understanding of all perspectives and put biases aside
  • Integrity: Be genuine and match words with actions
  • Patience: Recognising that building relationships and trust takes time

Stakeholder Engagement


TES is very passionate about the impact its charity and Not-For-Profit customers have on society and the contribution to social value they make. The company is committed to funding solutions that can help with that initiative.


Promoting and supporting employee wellbeing is at the heart of TES’ business, with the company developing and refining processes for over 17 years to help leaders and employees excel.


Every small business leader knows that collaborating and working together with other businesses is the best way to find success. Working together with other organisations helps us find solutions to the issues we face.


TES is committed to working locally to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the community.

Our Priorities

Making sustainability real at TES doesn’t mean fundamentally changing the business. It’s about making better use of what’s already available – be that tech, time or talent – continually reviewing how the company does things, monitoring its impact, and reporting its progress.

Like most organisations wanting to tackle it’s environmental credentials, TES has already taken practical steps such as, improving waste recycling, changing to a green energy tariff, installing new energy efficient heating and moving its technology to the cloud. And its business is founded in helping charity and not-for-profit customers find solutions that help them have an even greater social impact. But TES knows it can do more.

TES’ priority is to create a plan, and develop the company’s environmental and sustainable strategy throughout 2022 so that the services delivered are done so in a way that minimises the environmental impact it has, and continue to promote social value and business integrity.

TES is working with experts to help it build a realistic and deliverable strategy. We know that doing the right thing is not always the easiest, and complexity can be used by companies to hide the extent of their environmental impact, or to make commitments sound stronger than they. TES has therefore partnered with Grain, an expert in helping organisations like TES assess their impact accurately, plan, and implement tools that will have a positive impact on people and the planet.

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