Managed services

Managed Services

Support every step of the journey and beyond

TES understands that organisations and their department teams will need differing levels of support with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. Helping to fix incidents, manage different types of accessibility, or make changes whether big or small to your digital solutions can be burdens eased through TES’ managed services.

The service is delivered to ITIL standard, a set of detailed practices for IT activities, and the international gold standard in IT service management. TES uses ServiceNow to deliver this standard of support, change and manged services.

Live chat and the support desk will give you access to the managed service team whenever you require guidance on your system, troubleshooting issues and finding solutions quickly. TES will also give you access to a resourceful and user-friendly portal to pick up training and support documentation anytime.

Managed services support covers, but is not limited to the following categories:

Managed services
Incident management
Managed services
Access management
Managed services
Service requests
Managed services
Problem management
Managed services
Request for change
Managed services
Upgrade assurance

Dedicated customer success team

The TES customer success team is committed to developing long-term strategic partnerships with customers, supporting them every step of the way on their journey of digital transformation.

The team ensures that its knowledge around the customer and their needs is detailed and captured, ensuring a friendlier, tailored service for every individual. By communicating regularly, the team will continue to build on this pool of knowledge.

The team will manage the escalation process which clarifies the channels of decision making to solve problems with speed and clarity. These processes or escalation workflows adjust to the priority of issues to minimise delays, ensure accountability, and aid continuous improvement protocols by educating the team on how to make decisions on similar issues in the future.

The customer success team is also responsible for setting a review and reporting procedure for every customer to ensure the support received is as promised, regular, and working effectively.

Managed Service Bundles

TES’ Managed Service Bundles offer a more flexible approach to support. TES understands that support should be agile enough to adapt to your needs, and with the ability to evolve with your organisation. The move to SaaS is also an interesting concept in terms of managed service. TES wants to mirror Software as a Service with Support as a Service. Bundles open the door to this capability.

Bundles are arranged into six categories outlined below:

Managed services

General Maintenance

For those little everyday tasks

This bundle is designed to take the pressure off your team maintaining those day-to-day tasks.  If you need to test some functionality or just give something a go, TES can create you a test environment that mirrors your live environment, never having to worry about ‘what if.’ 

Daily Business Critical Job Queue Checks
Daily Workflow Management
Regular Health Checks

Managed services

Security Maintenance

For a little more control

This bundle is designed to make your life easier from a user setup and permission perspective. All you need to know is what job a user is doing within the business and TES will do the rest. No need to remember how to add permissions or what permission does what.

Audit & Compliance of Security Roles
Permission Maintenance
Access Requests

Managed services


For upskilling

This is the bundle is designed to assist your organisation in getting the most out of the software implemented. TES will train new users on how to navigate the software, as well as working with super users to optimise software use, in-line with your business processes.

Ask the Trainer Forum
Targeted Training
New Starter Sessions

Managed services

ISV Support

For the little extras

This bundle is designed to give users every opportunity to leverage more from their solution add-ons and applications and ensure that they all run successfully alongside the core functionality of your solution. This bundle includes data and break fix support to minimise disruption. 

New User Setup & Installation
Data Support
Break Fix Support

Managed services

Configuration & Change

For tailoring

This bundle is designed to allow your organisation to further tailor software to meet ongoing needs. This bundle takes care of those ‘how do I do that again!?’ jobs, and those jobs that people do once or twice during implementation but then once or twice a month thereafter.

D365 Configuration
Bulk Data Upload
Approval Management

Managed services

Upgrade Assurance

For new tech & no pain

This bundle is an insurance policy that ensures continuity of your system. It takes away the pain of ensuring your tailored solution avoids disruption from scheduled Microsoft updates. TES will manage updates and deployment for you, keeping you informed every step of the way.

What’s New Training
Managed Deployment
Microsoft Updates

Upgrade assurance

TES Upgrade Assurance is an insurance policy that ensures continuity of your system.

When you move to SaaS and the cloud with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, you’ll be keen to ensure that your organisation and employees are ready for any periodic Microsoft update releases.

These updates could affect system-specific configuration and functionality. Customers will often find themselves in this position as they have deployed systems with very specific needs in mind and therefore utilising add-on modules and expansions.

Microsoft will check for conflicts and as a partner, TES will become aware of the how these conflicts affect specific functionality, configuration, and applications of your solution. Having TES on hand to manage these updates is critical to mitigating risk.

To ensure your solution will still run smoothly after Microsoft updates, TES review and test the changes prior to the release date. Considered against your specific system, TES will identify areas of conflict prior to release and instruct its dedicated Update Assurance team to ensure that those conflicts are solved. The approach ensures that you avoid unnecessary disruption to the use of the system and the running of your organisation. TES will also manage the deployment of those changes for you.


Managed services

Continual service improvement

TES operate a continual service improvement programme supported by objectives and key metrics to ensure a best-in-class service.

When new requirements surface, TES uses the programme to learn about and diagnose them to consult on the best way forward. This ensures that the service is agile enough to satisfy any specific needs that may surface as the customer grows and expands on its own service offering.

In some cases, that includes improving the digital transformation offerings and how those offerings are delivered so that every customer will benefit from tailored, future-proof solutions. Future-proofing your solution is high on the agenda at TES, as the business understands the frustration of working with an outdated system that suffers from no upgrade procedure. For that, TES offers the Upgrade assurance service.

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