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What is LS NAV?

LS NAV is the complete retail management system that gives retailers from a selection of industries all the functionalities they need to manage their whole operation efficiently.

This easy, simple and fast solution allows management to oversee and run their business centrally, tracking sales, stock and productivity live at physical locations, or on e-commerce and mobile platforms.

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Key Benefits


Reduce Cost, Save Time

One fully integrated platform will save you software and system administration costs and eliminate multiple systems.


Improve your Margins

Gain better control and overview of your operations through a number of modules designed for optimisation and analysis.


Increase Sales

LS NAV supports your sales and marketing strategies, aimed at creating new customers and enticing old ones to return.


Inventory Optimisation

Inventory/Replenishment management helps to free up working capital, and reduce workload through automation.


OMNI Channel

LS NAV is designed with the current OMNI Channel retail trends in mind. Take advantage of Mobile, e-Commerce and Loyalty.



LS NAV systems develop and evolve as your company grows. Custom functions or ten extra tills? Not a problem.

Why should you consider LS NAV?

Since LS NAV is an integrated system built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This gives you more control over the business, making it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to the General Ledger.

With over 50,000 stores, and 115,000 POS installs, LS NAV is a global leader in Retail Solutions.

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Special Ordering

Based on their own preferences, customers can order specific items at the POS or via a sales order in the central database.



Using advanced techniques to forecast sales you can reduce inventory and get the right product to the right place at the right time.


Business Intelligence

Become a data-driven business with one consolidated view of information across the whole business.


Offers & Pricing

Offers can be triggered according to quantities, customers, loyalty groups, tender types, coupons or transaction amount.


InStore Management

Effectively streamline inventory control with pre-defined roles for staff, so users only see information relevant to themselves.


Data Replication

An integrated communications module allows you to easily send data between head office, store and POS.