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At TES we know that museums have specific software needs and understand the challenges museums and galleries face to be effective, efficient and successful organisations. That’s why we created a tailored business management solution that makes inefficiency a thing of the past.

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Your museum software needs

Multi-Channel Income Stream

Manage all revenue streams through NAV and integrate into ecommerce. This also integrates any ticketing systems you currently have.

Price tag

Accurate Item Costing

Our solution offers accurate item costs on whatever print run you are on, for both an item or exhibition catalogue. Initial design fees can be attributed to just the first run batch of items.

Cash Flow Management

Manage your cash through fund codes and easily see how much money you have belonging to each fund. Customise these reports to present fund data back to stakeholders.

At the door & behind the scenes


Access and manage real-time information to make effective business decisions.


Gain better insight into financial data to improve profit and loss reports.


Process admissions swiftly and efficiently, recording gift aid to maximise ROI.


Automate stock ordering across multiple locations for better forward planning.


Use one system and switch between your admissions till and shop till seamlessly.

Remote Access

Allow internal users and business partners to access data wherever they are.

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