How to Increase Your 365 Security

13 Feb 2018

Total Enterprise Solutions are dedicated to ensuring our processes and systems are as secure as possible.

Since achieving ISO 27001 certification and GDPR coming into force, TES endeavour to continuously improve our systems and procedures to enhance levels of security to reduce the risk of data leaks or hacking.

It is estimated that organisations worldwide lose 5% of revenue to fraud. That’s a projected loss of £193 Billion in the UK economy -$3.5 trillion worldwide. Coupled with career criminals becoming increasingly professional, and convincing with their approaches, security is an imperative topic to all organisations.

Facebook is in the news again this week for lack of transparency and failing to protect users information. The £500,000 fine was due to the timing, the ICO said it was unable to levy the new penalties introduced by the European General Data Protection (GDPR), which caps fines at the higher level of 20 million Euros or 4% of global turnover.

Vendor Bank Account Security

We're delighted to announce the release of our Vendor Bank Account Security Module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The standard Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central security and approvals are supplemented by a simple workflow, based around the creation and modification of Vendor Bank Account Records by implementing the following business logic.

  • All changes to Vendor Bank Account details immediately place the record into a “Blocked” state
  • Vendor Bank Accounts can only be unblocked by users other than the user logged as making the change
  • At the time of payment journal posting all Vendor Bank Accounts in the journal are checked to see if they are in a blocked state. If any Vendor Bank Accounts are in a blocked state, then it is not possible to post the journal
  • Vendors can be profiled as ‘Dormant’. If this setting is applied, the status of all related Vendor Bank Account Records is set to blocked
  • Vendors marked as ‘Dormant’ are displayed in the Vendor List view in yellow to visually indicate this.

This module, therefore, provides you with an additional level of security to the processes of:

  • Creating Vendor Bank Account Records
  • Managing Vendor Banks Account Records
  • Managing Vendor Records
  • Validation of Electronic Payments to Suppliers.

Adding this additional layer of functional control provides you with a risk management strategy to assist in minimising the potential for fraud within your organisation.

If you'd like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact us or call via 0345 257 1173.

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