About the Microsoft Crisis Communication App

2 Apr 2020

In response to COVID-19, Microsoft has released a free app to simplify your company’s communication during this time. TES understands the importance of clear communication and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we highly recommend this app for all businesses using Microsoft management solutions.

The Crisis Communication app uses the Power Apps templates, giving users easy access to company insights and internal news, emergency contacts, useful links and frequently asked questions – all of which can be easily managed via the Crisis Communication Admin app, pinned in the Teams channel.

As well as sharing important company information, you can alert specific teams of your working status and request additional information regarding your company’s policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Crisis Communication app is fully customisable with a user-friendly setup guide written by Microsoft, along with clear and concise YouTube videos and picture tutorials.

Should you need further assistance with setting up your Crisis App or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, then contact our experts at TES. We’re here to help you, especially during these challenging times.

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