TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)

TES Customer Day 2021

November 9th 2021

This event has now passed

TES Customer Day 2021 is fast-approaching

Don’t you just love a good day out? Especially one where you know you’ll come away feeling more enthused and positive about how your organisation can leverage more from its digital solutions. That’s what TES is aiming to do with its fast-approaching Customer Day.

This is probably also a good time to say thank you for the responses so far, the questions submitted for the team, and the requests for more information about the running order of events. This blog post is all about offering you a bit more detail around the agenda and what to expect.

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The Agenda

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There’s a theme to this year’s agenda: How to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

With software moving to SaaS, new features arrive quick and often, and it can be tough to keep up. But that’s why TES stays clued up for you. There will be new functionality, opportunities to expand solutions, and tips on how to increase efficiency and effectiveness even further. And they’re likely to be things that you’re not even aware of.

The agenda below is set out to clearly articulate what is available to your organisation and how you can leverage it to your benefit.

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)

Starting the day as you mean to go on

On arrival, you’ll have opportunity to get settled with a nice drink. It’s November so something to warm you up might be just the ticket.

When you’re comfortable and have chatted amongst the attendees and the TES team, the welcome briefing from CEO, Paul Faulkner will kick-off.

Paul will detail the latest on business development since TES last hosted a Customer Day. It will cover the investments made in the talent within the team, the systems, and the processes introduced to keep the mission of remaining a world-class technology partner on track. This will also be an opportunity to explain how TES has been listening closely to you and your needs, which are driving investment in expanded TES IP and services.

Service adaption in a SaaS world

Guest speaker: Will McIntee, QBS Group

Will is representing QBS Group, an organisation providing services​ for the Dynamics Partner Community, managing the relationship between Microsoft and individual partners such as TES. The session will centre around Will’s perspective on how the partner ecosystem is shifting to adapt to service provision in an increasingly SaaS focused world. And there will be expert insight on the wider impact of trends in the IT industry that will be of interest to you and your organisation

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
Paul Faulkner, CEO, TES
TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
Dan West
TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
Adam Sheehan

Business Central deep dive with Dan

TES speaker: Dan West

Since Microsoft released Business Central as SaaS three years ago, it has benefited from an extensive roadmap of new features and capabilities.

In this session, Dan will highlight the key elements of the roadmap with live software demonstrations, and examples of how Business Central can drive efficiencies in the Finance functions of your organisation.

CRM deep dive with Adam

TES speaker: Adam Sheehan

TES believes that the D365 suite of 1st party Apps and the complementary Power Platform tools are potentially the biggest agents of change that your organisation can use to drive its digital transformation journey.

In this session, Adam will give an overview demonstration of the scope and potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, covering core elements of the ‘out-the-box’ functionality. Furthermore, Adam will shine a light on how TES has used the D365 framework to deliver a range of IP modules designed to meet your tailored needs.

Managed service bundles

TES speaker: Kim Davies

Kim is the Managed Service Manager and to coincide with the launch of TES’ new managed service bundles, she will be talking about how the new offering compliments the solutions TES implement.

The focus will be on the essential need to use managed services (especially in the world of SaaS) to get maximum return on investment.

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
Kim Davies

Intervals & break-out rooms

When there’s lots of great stuff to take in, breaks are the perfect opportunity to grab another drink, enjoy some food, and make some brain space for more expert insight. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day for just that purpose, including a tasty buffet lunch.

There will be break-out rooms for one-to-one sessions with TES experts too, where your pre-submitted queries will be answered. The same rooms will be used for the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) sessions.

TES has invited ISV partners to present details on the products and services they offer, which complement the core TES solutions.

Individual sessions on document scanning and expenses management, plus reporting from Jet Reports will be presented via software demonstrations and the opportunity for a Q&A with Rob Jackson, Senior Technical Account Manager, Jet Global UK & Ireland, plus other partners.

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Jet Reports ISV Session Agenda

Guest Speaker: Rob Jackson, Senior Technical Account Manager, Jet Global UK & Ireland

Jet Reports, Jet Analytics & Power BI

An explanation of each of these products, and a look at some of they key advantages of them working together.

Power BI with Jet Reports

See how Jet Reports can be used for simpler use cases to build a refreshable dataset which can be easily imported into Power BI for building visualisations.

Power BI with Jet Analytics

Learn how Jet Analytics provides Data Warehouse automation to build a powerful, governed single source of data for the entire organisation.

Jet Analytics Use Cases

We will present some use cases so you can see how Jet Analytics can help when upgrading ERP or transforming data for reporting in a single currency.

Q & A Session

Open Session for answering any questions.

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)

Tech for social impact

Guest speaker: Ian Drew, Microsoft

Ian Drew is from The Tech for Social Impact division of Microsoft. He will be outlining the new initiatives that Microsoft are making available to their nonprofit client base including Cloud for Nonprofit, product grants and discounts, and cyber security.

IT system risk mitigation

Guest speaker: Mike Castle, Rockmore Consulting

Mike Castle from Rockmore Consulting is a technology advisor with a long-established relationship with TES. With many years’ experience in enterprise level infrastructure and security projects, Mike will be sharing his knowledge to provide an overview of the current risks in this critical aspect of your IT system.

The power to make better decisions

TES speaker: Dan West

Better reporting and the capacity of the IT system to provide actionable insights and inform decision making are recurring themes in the digital transformation projects TES undertake with customers. Power BI is the key toolset in delivering these objectives and in this session, Dan will return to the floor to demonstrate its potential, as not only a reporting platform, but how it can be used to consolidate and transform data from multiple sources in your organisation to deliver “one version of the truth.”

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)

Ending on a high with real life success stories

The most common request from previous attendees was the inclusion of real life customer stories. This session will address this request by inviting a number of customers to engage in a facilitated Q&A session.  A selection of customers that bring experiences from across the full spectrum of TES solutions and services will be answering your questions. The insights that are shared in this session will no doubt be of interest to all attendees.

Before you rush off for more tasty food and drinks, Paul will return to the floor and close the day off with final thoughts on everything covered throughout the day and just how exciting it is to be sharing what the future has in store for TES and its customers together.

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)

Let’s get your place confirmed!

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We can’t wait to see you!

Tuesday November 9th 2021

The venue and when to arrive

No.11 Cavendish Square is one of London’s most sought-after spaces, and the venue for the TES Customer Day 2021. Situated in the heart of London’s West End, the venue is within walking distance from Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations.

No.11 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0AN

Registration on the day is between 8.30am and 9.00am, so arrive in good time to get settled before the 9.15 welcome.

TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)
Sue Durnell

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TES Customer Day 2021 (November 9th)