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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one, end-to-end, fully-functioning ERP system designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Previously known as Dynamics NAV, it allows you to streamline your processes, make smarter decisions and accelerate business growth - all from one software solution. 

170,000 organisations & 2.9 million users worldwide

Who's 365 Dynamics for?

The agile and adaptable platform offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to manage your business in the way you want. Utilised by over 170,000 organisations and 2.9 million people worldwide, it has a host of benefits, including adding extra, industry-specific functionalities, as well as having a full overview of your organisation’s operations. With flexible scalability, it’s suitable for businesses of any size, from small start-ups to large organisations and can help enhance the user experience.


Exceed expectations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Providing you with an all-in-one solution for finance management, reporting, operations, sales and customer service, Dynamics 365 Business Central is your answer to digital transformation.

  • Finance Management - Get real insight into the performance of your business with Dynamics 365 Business Central Dynamics. Share information securely and gain maximum control over your budgets.
  • Reporting & Analytics - Centralise finance management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer service sectors for streamlined decision making with real-time data.
  • Order Processing - Automated workflows enable better control of sales and purchasing processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Sales & Marketing - Significantly decrease lead time by streamlining sales and cloud accounting processes, by increasing your capacity to react to sales-related enquiries.
  • Warehouse Management - Gain clear visibility into margins, profitability, and areas for future growth with fact-based management, enabled with Dynamics 365's centralised performance data.
  • Resource & Project Management - Monitor progress of project management tasks with ease and gain access to real-time employee and machinery hours, allowing for better budget management.
  • Service Management - Increase operational efficiency with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Ensure all critical processes are effectively managed, driving customer loyalty and improving business performance.
  • Manufacturing - Streamline the production process with centralised data sources and automated workflows, enabling your business to function with maximum efficiency. 

Integrate with other cloud services from the Microsoft family, including Office 365 and other programmes specialised to industry needs. Learn more about Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality

What's the difference between Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Originally known as Navision, Dynamics NAV underwent a makeover in 2018 to become what we now call Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft took the renowned software DNA from Dynamics NAV and completely revolutionised it, introducing the cloud at the core of its design.

In additional to the key functionality provided within 365 Business Central, you can also expect to:

  • increase financial visibility
  • optimise your supply chain
  • boost sales and improve service
  • deliver projects on time and under budget
  • protect your data and support GDPR compliance
  • run your business from anywhere

Read on if you want to learn more about the benefits of this latest and greatest software!

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As Dynamics 365 Consultants with decades worth of experience in the industry, we know our customers need the implementation process to be as stress-free as possible. Traditional ERP implementation can be timely, often requiring a specialist to detail each and every process.

We focus on delivering value without disrupting business. In just 2-weeks, your organisation can start making smart decisions to accelerate growth with Business Central. 

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Why TES?

Providing our customers with the latest products and services is at the forefront of our core values, which is why TES have been implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for over a decade. In addition, our experts have worked with Dynamics since the very beginning, making us the perfect partner for implementation. There is really nothing we don't know about Microsoft Dynamics.

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At TES, we want our customers to get as much value from their Dynamics 365 Business Central as possible. We believe training is essential, not only for understanding the functionality of the product, but knowing how it can best fit into your organisation.

Our team of experts can guide you through what is best needed for your specific circumstances.

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Licensing & pricing

We understand how crucial finance management is to long-term success. To suit a wide range of budgets and needs, Microsoft offer two options for licensing payment; subscription (pay per user, per month or annually) and perpetual (permanent ownership with a fixed number of users). In conjunction to this, Dynamics 365 Business Central is also available to purchase at two levels - Essentials and Premium.

We also offer a variety of hosting solutions including on-premise, as a Managed Service or Microsoft's SaaS (Cloud). So whatever sub-sector of NFP you’re in, you can find the best solution to meet your business' needs.

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From £52.80 per user/month or from £21.10 if you're a charity.


From £75.40 per user/month or from £30.20 if you're a charity.

Team Members

From £6 per user/month or from £2.40 if you're a charity.

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