Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Worthwhile Investment for Charities

For many, deciding whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a worthwhile investment for your NFP organisation is a pertinent question that needs to be answered before giving the go-ahead. This is especially true of those new to the concept of CRM, who often find it daunting to undertake an implementation project when they’ve been using the same, older system for many years. If this is the case for you, read on to understand why you need not worry and why we believe Microsoft Dynamics 365 is worth every penny.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Worthwhile Investment for Charities

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

There are many long-term benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that make it worth the investment for your charity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a 360° view of all of your stakeholders and their journey with you by storing their information in a central location – the Dataverse – and giving “one version of the truth”. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the user with the ability to self-serve. It has incredible flexibility to derive insights from the inputted data and the ability to build views and dashboards to support data reporting – no more time spent gathering data from various disparate systems or spreadsheets. In combination with Power BI this reporting can be enhanced to include multiple data sources.  All data sources are protected by the powerful and flexible Microsoft security model, giving you complete peace of mind that users only have access to the data that is relevant to them, ensuring your compliance to GDPR and adhering to any safeguarding policy your charity may have.

Seamless interoperability between functions is another reason why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is, again and again, the tool of choice. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the functionality to allow the user to easily switch apps on and off, future-proofing the system for currently unforeseen business needs. This digital transformation system is also scalable – just plug in more apps as required and increase or decrease your volume of users, making it more user-friendly with each application. Improve staff independence and sense of system and data ownership by providing more functionality and increased system adoption.

Whether your charity relies on Fundraising or Membership, requires Grant Management or Volunteer Management, the experience of working with charities for over 15 years, combined with the Microsoft Not For Profit Accelerator, ensure that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering by TES has all of the benefits you need from a CRM solution.

Will implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Disrupt my Business Operation?

Perhaps the main thing that holds NFPs back from investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the unfounded concern that implementing the system will cause major disruption to their current business operation. As it is cloud-based SaaS, installation is incredibly fast and TES will work alongside your teams to ensure the project runs smoothly. Our proven Project Methodology and experienced team at TES have a track record for delivering exceptional service.

After go-live, bi-annual upgrades from Microsoft ensure that you are always on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and have access to all the new features. With the Upgrade Assurance Managed Service by TES, these upgrades are scheduled and tested prior to launching to minimise any downtime. The TES “What’s New” training included in this service ensures that you are armed with the knowledge and skills to utilise the new features. In addition to this, our in-house support team is always on hand, ready to guide you through the best practices for maintaining a healthy CRM, as well as to advise you on any other support issues that may arise.

Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

As you can see, there are several rewards that come with investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365. When it comes to implementing your CRM, our team of experts take the time to understand your charity so that we deliver a system fully tailored to its needs. Therefore, you can rest assured your investment is worthwhile, cost-effective and enables your NFP to reach its goal of helping others.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Worthwhile Investment for Charities