Organisations of all shapes and sizes are recognising that building modern connected business applications is a great way to accomplish more, build better and deliver faster. Microsoft’s new suite of applications is empowering organisations to achieve just that!

5 Benefits of Business Central

What is D365 Business Central?

D365 Business Central is an integral part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite of business applications, which revolutionises the way organisations approach doing business. It is designed to provide an integrated suite of business processes covering all areas of your organisation.

We have seen organisations of all shapes and sizes take advantage of Business Central.

5 Benefits of Business Central

1. Cloud

Business Central is a true SaaS cloud application which provides a scalable and costs effective option to organisations who, now more than ever need to be agile to respond to social and economical changes. We’ve discussed the benefits of the cloud in more detail here.

2. Access

Users are able to access Business Central via a URL link, enabling quick access to real-time data wherever you’re working for more informed decision making.

3. Integration

Business Central connects business processes across operations and finance, but also as a Microsoft solution it integrates with all our favourite applications including Office 365, Teams, Power BI and Power automate. Enabling a truly connected organisation.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Business Central has built-in intelligence that is designed to save you time and resource, by notifying you of key changes, patterns or updates to tasks. AI also allows you to streamline processes through automation enabling users to focus on more insight-driven tasks.

5. Flexibility

Business Central enables users to develop their own apps to easily tailor the application to fit the specific needs of the organisation without the need for heavy programming skills.

Understanding what is right for you

We recognise that at time’s choosing that right cloud solution can be confusing, that’s why we put a lot of effort into ensuring that we’re the right partner, with the right solution to the right organisation.

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5 Benefits of Business Central