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One mission, one platform, one partner


TES continues to be wholly privately owned; the owners include three of the founding shareholders. The owners are completely aligned in their values and long-term vision for TES’ clients and team members.

This enables TES to make balanced strategic decisions that are not completely focused on profit, but also the impact on staff and customers.

At a board level, we recognise that doing the right thing is always the right thing. This is something we individually challenge ourselves to live up to in the decisions that are taken.

Long term strategy

TES has a long-term vision and goals which include:

  • Being the charity/not-for-profit market leader in Dynamics
  • Delivering a world class service
  • Being the employer of choice
  • Being financially sustainable

TES has adopted a continual service improvement approach across the organisation, where during each period we review what we did well, what we can do better and then use these as inputs into our ongoing investment and improvement plans to deliver on our medium- and long-term objectives.

TES deliberately balances being large enough to deliver, whilst keeping a focus on the care for customers and staff associated with some smaller organisations.

TES has adopted and embedded the industry leading processes, systems and approach to people, which is continually reviewed and improved in line with external requirements and changes.


Our values of people, integrity, passion and quality are something the owners of TES wanted to ensure were demonstrated by all TES team members.

As part of this, our internal reviews and customer satisfaction surveys examine how we are delivering against these values.

During our annual Company Kick Off ceremony, awards and recognition include demonstration of these values.


As TES is now the only UK Dynamics partner completely focused on the charity and not-for-profit sector, it is key that both our values and culture support alignment with our customers.

Some of the elements of our culture include:

  • Transparent business strategy, goals and performance shared with all the team
  • Personality profile assessments of new employee candidates
  • Values-based rewards
  • TES Give Back Scheme donating profit share back to our charity/not-for-profit customers
  • 100% product development investment aimed at the needs of the charity/not-for-profit sector
  • Access to board members for all TES team members, including in quarterly CEO round tables
  • Encouragement of 360-degree feedback within TES
  • Profit share scheme for staff
  • Regular fundraising activities by staff

As a result of the TES focus, we now find many candidates who approach TES for a role have a personal focus on one or more areas of social impact that is close to their heart.

Our Story

What we do

In summary, given TES’ 100% focus on the charity and not-for-profit sector, we set out a strategy to ensure we could offer the most comprehensive solution that met the maximum amount of needs that charities and not-for-profit organisations required, powered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

TES can now deliver a market leading solution specifically for charities and not-for-profit organisations powered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform, the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, and the TES Accelerator applications for charities and not-for-profits.

Once any digital transformation project is delivered, TES can then offer a comprehensive set of managed services that cover all aspects of a client’s needs for the support and management of their critical business applications.

Whether you’d like to arrange an informal chat, a free demo or discuss a potential project, our team of charity and not-for-profit digital transformation experts are always on hand. Call us on 0345 257 1173, email enquiries@totalenterprisesolutions.co.uk, or fill in our form to get in touch.

The complete charity & not-for-profit digital solution

The only UK Microsoft Dynamics partner dedicated solely to the charity and not-for-profit sector.

Click on the wheel to discover how our services can help your charity and not-for-profit succeed.

Industry leading charity and not-for-profit finance solution

Standard Microsoft Business Central functionality plus the TES NFP focused apps provides, by far, the most comprehensive finance platform to UK charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Step 1: NFP finance solution
Step 1: NFP finance solution

Industry leading charity and not-for-profit CRM solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud for Nonprofit solutions with TES’ charity and not-for-profit focused apps provides a complete set of tools to streamline and unify your organisations’ teams onto a single platform supporting fundraising, member engagement, volunteer management, and grant management.

Step 2: NFP CRM & Engagement solution

The most powerful 360 reporting tools in the not-for-profit industry

Microsoft Power BI provides powerful visualisation and analytics to help charity and not-for-profit organisations gain insights and make real time data-driven decisions across all organisational areas.

Step 3: Powerful 360 BI reporting tools

One of the most secure platforms in the world

The Microsoft and TES partnership has one of the most secure platforms due to their industry-leading security features, extensive compliance certifications, and continuous investments in security research and development.

Step 4: Highly secure data protection

100% focused on the charity and not-for-profit sector

TES’ experience in providing tailored solutions to charities and not-for-profits is industry leading due to our longstanding commitment to social impact, extensive partnerships with not-for-profits, and deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges of the sector. TES supports more charity organisations than any other UK Dynamics partner.

Step 5: 100% NFP sector focus

Our unique and proven methodology delivers success

TES ensures successful project delivery by leveraging our market leading tools and processes. Our TES delivery team are 100% focused on delivering to charities every working day, which is one of the reasons why our customers recommend us time and time again.

Step 6: Assured project delivery

Service is the key to success

TES takes a fresh approach to managed services, offering both traditional break fix support combined with a range of proactive support options. This enables our customers to let us take the strain and become an extension to their organisations’ team, allowing them to focus on mission critical tasks. All of this is delivered with market leading tools and processes.

Step 7: Unrivalled managed services

Microsoft is your past, your present and your future

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact supports over 268,000 charities and not-for-profits worldwide and are looking to double that number in three years. Coupled with TES’ 100% focus on the third sector, we can give a charity or not-for-profit the complete peace of mind for long-term support and commitment.

Step 8: Trusted and futureproof platform

Start your digital transformation process with TES today.

Whether you’d like to arrange an informal chat, a free demo or discuss a potential project, our team of charity and not-for-profit digital transformation experts are always on hand.

One mission
One platform
One partner

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