What is Microsoft NFP Accelerator?

The Dynamics 365 NFP Accelerator is designed to aid organisations with centralised processes by providing greater insight to key data, such as programme delivery, supporter and volunteer management, fundraising and impact measurement.

What is Microsoft NFP Accelerator?

Powered by a Common Data Model (CDM), a secure database that sits in the Microsoft Cloud, the NFP Accelerator is built tailored for the NFP sector with charity-specific features. Microsoft have designed the NFP Accelerator to enable greater social impact, enabling organisations to reduce cost, while analysing current strategies and applications.

Use Microsoft’s NFP Accelerator together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 across your organisation to boost performance, maximising value and drive real change.

What can the NFP Accelerator do for your charity?

Gain visibility to volunteer data

Keep everything in one place with the NFP Accelerator, giving you a complete overview of each and every interaction within your charity. Utilise this data to gain further insight into your volunteers, supporters and donors and provide a personalised service for further growth. Furthermore, you can store your information safely, ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Manage volunteer activity

Manage all internal processes when onboarding new volunteers, from application to background check. Find the right skills match for individual roles by keeping a record of volunteer skills, enhancing overall performance of your organisation. Reach optimum efficiency, by staying on top of volunteer hours and closely monitor resources with efficient time tracking features.

Organise fundraising events

Microsoft’s NFP Accelerator can be of great assistance when organising fundraising events, allowing for easy budget management, volunteer management, and streamlined communications across your non-profit organisation. This all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics solution also produces performance reports post-event, enabling success to be measured easily.

Understand your donations

Use the NFP 365 Accelerator to see your main sources of donation, providing insight for future areas of growth. Learn how money is spent across your organisation, enabling more efficient charity book-keeping and allocation of resources.

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What is Microsoft NFP Accelerator?