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Connect better with the people most important to your organisation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 CRM for charities and not-for-profits from TES.

You will most likely be aware of how a CRM solution will help an organisation connect better with its customers; after all, it’s in the name: Customer Relationship Management. But TES encourages organisations to consider CRM as a tool to manage any important relationship, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM you don’t need to look any further for the ideal CRM for your charity or not-for-profit.

TES works in partnership with charity/not-for-profit organisations keen to manage internal and external relationships more efficiently and effectively. That could be a relationship with anyone, from charity volunteers and fundraisers to school students and civil servants. Any relationship that matters, CRM holds the tools to manage them with clarity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will give you an end-to-end view of your most important relationships. By connecting the core activities of your organisation with a reporting function that turns insights into actions, you’ll benefit from one version of the truth. The right solution for you is the right combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps and TES add-on apps. By expanding on the standard functionality of the CRM system, charities and not-for-profit organisations can implement tailored solutions that identify with very specific requirements.

Make better informed decisions

TES is committed to delivering digital transformation solutions that help organisations like yours to unlock growth potential by utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution will house the sales, marketing, and service tasks, or the tasks specific to you that your organisation requires. It will integrate them all so that they can collaborate with one another and provide valuable insight. This insight is the bedrock of the benefits your organisation will realise.

With clear reporting on core activities and easy access to data, leaders have all the information, trends, and insights they need to inform their decision making. Automation of those activities in a CRM system will free up the time required for organisations to think innovatively on the actions they can take to grow faster.

Whether you’d like to arrange an informal chat, a free demo or discuss a potential project, our team of charity and not-for-profit digital transformation experts are always on hand. Call us on 0345 257 1173, email enquiries@totalenterprisesolutions.co.uk, or fill in our form to get in touch.

Dynamics 365 CRM

A CRM solution designed to flex to your needs

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution seamlessly connects the service features that matter most to your organisation. Based on the in-depth consultation you have with CRM experts, TES will identify the most appropriate Microsoft capability combined with TES add-on apps to offer your organisation the best solution. When totally unique requirements surface, TES uses Microsoft Power Platform to design and develop specifically tailored apps and functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM architecture allows you to build your data model, create your interface, manage security, set up your relationships and apply custom rules and apps. Organisations often find that Microsoft’s standard Dynamics 365 capability for Sales, Marketing and Service apps are all important tools to meet their demand for a CRM system. With TES’ focus, experience and knowledge of the charity and not-for-profit sector, this means we understand the more unique requirements and challenges charities and not-for-profit organisations experience every day.

For further information about our unique service offering, speak to one of our CRM experts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webinars

Core Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Built-in intelligence for Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables organisations to personalise support for every customer.

Every instance of communication, activity and preference is centralised in one solution, so users get a full view of the customer.

These insights give users every piece of information they need to ensure they’re responding with care and knowledge to any issues, queries and requests. Cases allow you to track these activities and derive solutions to improve your customer satisfaction rates.

Automation can free up valuable time and Dynamics 365 Customer Service includes virtual agents to automate self-service. Rich knowledge-base portals can be built for specific customer needs, and you can provide direct access to these resources.

Equip users with the right information at the right time to tailor experiences, and leverage AI-driven insights for the best possible service to your customers.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

To communicate with audiences effectively, a personalised experience across all touch points is necessary. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights revolutionises marketing automation, personalisation, and real-time engagement.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to implement real-time customer-led journeys, track both digital and physical channels, create content with a user-friendly editor, experiment and optimise content, and create and manage events.

Earn loyalty and trust faster with a unified, adaptable platform – a platform that allows you to build and deliver content through the right channels. Collect analytics and turn your insights into actions using AI-driven recommendations and segmentation.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

When customers reach out for guidance, assistance and clarity, Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you provide that much needed reassurance. Leverage an ‘always on’ service to provide real-time support anytime, anywhere.

Predict, detect, and resolve service issues before they become apparent to your customer, deliver onsite customer experiences with mixed reality applications and AI scheduling, and build trust and loyalty by harnessing the right tools and information to solve issues quickly.

Customer service managers can save time and costs by seeing at a glance where issues arise and how it affects customer satisfaction scores, and the different operations of the organisation, from production to field service support.

Using self service functions, you can automate responses to simple problems, giving you more time to respond to complex issues, and liaise with service engineers to support customers onsite in rapid time. Field engineers that encounter issues that need additional support can use Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Remote Assist to collaborate with off-site team members with specific knowledge on the issues at hand. Remote Assist is a mixed reality application, revolutionising the way service engineers collaborate. In real-time, issues can be solved using audio, video, and augmented reality.

Core Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services

Dynamics 365 Sales

Traditional selling in an unpredictable environment leaves you exposed. Digital selling with Dynamics 365 Sales alleviates rapidly changing customer preferences, and business outlook helping you stay engaged with your customers and constituents.

This adaptive selling solution helps sales teams navigate the realities of selling in the modern world. At its core is an intelligence system, monitoring insights and actively recommending actions. These insights and actions help you become more customer centric, more efficient, and more susceptible to ways in which to save on costs.

Strategic decision making becomes easier with one comprehensive system using AI and machine learning. Keep track of every account and opportunity, turn leads into conversions and start building stronger relationships. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Sales is one step towards transforming the day-to-day activities of any business professional.

Dynamics 365 CRM

TES’ Tailored Charity and NFP CRM capability working with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Contact Management
Operating a single, secure database of all contacts is a prerequisite of every charity. D365 provides this capability, in addition to recording the relationships between contacts and the interactions occuring between them and your organisation providing a 360 degree view.
TES MC4N Fundraising & Engagement Advanced Pack
The MC4N Fundraising & Engagement Advanced Pack builds on the standard D365 capability to manage all sources of donation revenue your organisation might receive, either internally sourced from the fundraising team and organisation website, or from external third party sources, such as online donation platforms. The App can support multiple payment methods and the assignment of donations with fund, campaign, and cost centre attributes, supporting the downstream management of donation income, including the interface to finance systems.
Tax Efficient Giving
To maximise the benefit of fundraising activity, TES has developed capabilities to support Tax Efficient Giving charity requirements, enabling efficient access to complimentary services such as HMRC Gift Aid and the Give-as-you-Earn scheme.
TES Membership Management
TES’ Membership Management App builds on the standard D365 capability to provide a platform by that an organisation can configure and deliver a range of membership schemes, complimented by a portal that allows members to self-service renewals and manage their communication preferences.
Volunteer Management
For charities that rely on the contribution of volunteers, it’s crucial that they provide a positive engagement experience that ensures the maximum benefits are achieved for both the organisation and the volunteer. The Volunteer Management App supports this function by supporting every stage of the volunteer lifecycle from on-boarding, skills and accreditation recording, through to event attendance and personalised proactive communications.
Case Management
Microsoft’s Customer Service capability delivers support for Case Management. Charities can effectively manage inbound communications from contacts. Cases can be raised, attributed priorities, classified, and assigned to individuals or teams within the organisation, ensuring the most efficient processing.
TES Subscription Management
An effective commercial operation is an essential function of a successful charity. The TES Subscription Management App provides the ability to sell conventional merchandise stock and also products, such as magazines that are provided on a subscription basis.
Event Management
Delivering events, both real world and virtual, allow a charity to maximise engagements with existing contacts and provide a platform to extend their reach to new opportunities. The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Event Management capability provides functionality which supports every stage of the event management process, from planning and registration, through to delivery and follow-up.
Digital Engagement
The marketing capability with D365 Customer Insights can support every stage of this process by: 1) Defining segments of contacts by any qualification criteria, which can include attributes of the contact record as well as related records such as donation history, 2) Creating rich email designs with mail merge elements and focused content, and 3) Deliver email communications to segments of contacts in multi-stage, branching customer journeys that can consider factors such as email recipient responses and click-through activity.
Legacy Management
Charities which benefit from legacy income can use TES’ Fundraising App that provides Legacy Management capability to manage every stage of the legacy process, from prospective opportunity to final delivery. Multiple legacy types can be recorded with associated contacts, with completed and planned activities assigned to individuals or teams in your organisation.
TES Grant Management
The TES Grant Management App provides organisations with the ability to support both inbound grant applications and outbound grant awards. It leverages the core CRM capabilities of the system to support all grant activities with an audit log of communications, scheduled activity planning and storage of linked documents.
Dynamics 365 CRM

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TES is proud of the fantastic feedback that we get on a day-to-day basis from our charity and not-for-profit partners.

TES are a trusted partner – I’ve worked with our CSM for about 23 years now! TES do as they say, and they deliver.

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PP Control & Automation

Thank you for the interesting permissions and security webinar. It was good to have all the information in one place and has given me a few things to think about.

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Financial Controller

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TES delivers best-in-class processes for your healthcare organisation
We recently have had a change of staff in our finance team and TES’ Managed Services and consultancy teams have made a real difference. They were very responsive and ensured that new staff were very quickly brought up to speed with the knowledge they needed to use our system. We can breathe again!

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Amano Enzyme Europe Ltd

Really informative and great to be in the room with other users.


Seeing how all the systems interconnect sparked ideas for transforming our system.


Lots of high value content efficiently condensed. Good options for breakouts. Well run.


For someone starting or thinking of working with TES, it gives a good overview of what will come, for those already with TES, it inspires ideas.


The event was very helpful and informative. The TES staff were knowledgeable and friendly.


Overall, it was a great event with relevant and interesting material. Also a fantastic networking space.


I found the afternoon workshops really helpful. My understanding of the one platform has increased. From listening to others I was also made more aware of how much we are trying to do in one go.


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