5 Signs Your Charity Needs a New CRM System

When it comes to CRM systems, one size doesn’t fit all. Total Enterprise Solutions know that charities and non-profits work differently to corporate organisations, typically ruling out many CRM systems currently available on the market. Deciding which CRM software to go with can be daunting, as it’s well-known that an efficient CRM system is essential to the smooth running of your charity or not-for-profit organisation.

5 Signs Your Charity Needs a New CRM System

We understand the charity and non-profit industry; our CRM experts can help you develop a vision of how your organisation could operate once you go live with your new customer relationship management system.

Here are our top 5 signs you need a new CRM solution for your charity:

1. You’ve Got Too Many Spreadsheets

We love spreadsheets; however, we also understand their challenges and limitations. Working on multiple spreadsheets with complex formulas can become problematic and providing individual access and moving data can be time-consuming!

A CRM system is a far better alternative for managing people, organisations and donations, as well as memberships and grants. A well-built CRM gives you the option of time saving automations and smarter reporting, helping step up your game so you can provide an excellent service.

2. You Want to Improve Your Communication

Imagine having the ability to set up a team with intricate access rights, providing important information to specific teams or team members as and when needed, that are automatically notified when an action is required. With an up-to-date CRM, this can become a reality!

When considering external communications, consider the touchpoints required to gain a new member or share a story to encourage donation. Not only will you be able to send and track bulk communications using CRM; you’ll also be able to set up automations that guide your donors, members and grant applicants through a pre-defined journey set by you.

3. You Have Multiple Systems, but it’s not quite CRM

CRM is a tool for optimising and managing relationships, a way to simply view the insights gathered from your data in one location. To achieve this, data should flow through your systems, however, this isn’t always the case. 

4. You Can’t Access the Reports You Need

Not having access to the data you need is a common side effect of using multiple systems and data sources. Because of this, generating reports for your non-profit board of trustees or finalising your charities annual impact report can be a cumbersome process.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are a few solutions available through implementing a new CRM system that, in short, allows you to access the reports you need quickly and easily in the format you require.

For example, fundraising donations processed by your CRM system are integrated with your payment platform and finance system. This example is equally applicable to memberships and grant management. This function allows you to generate a report of donations processed in CRM against donations reconciled in your finance system. Easy!

5. Your System Feels Outdated

Feeling behind the times happens to the best of us, however, when it comes to software, out-of-date systems can cause issues and become expensive. With a new CRM, accessibility and futureproofing is ensured to simplify maintenance and upkeep.

SaaS platforms (Software as a Service) allow for easily accessible systems with extensive measures for GDPR compliance. With the latest SaaS CRM tools, in combination with new technologies such as AI, you have a powerful platform to enhance your organisation!

Looking for a First-Class CRM Solution?

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we choose to deliver Microsoft applications, specifically Dynamics 365. This tool offers powerful functionality that we have utilised to support charities and not-for-profit organisations.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a new CRM system, and the available functionalities for charities and non-profits, register for our upcoming webinar and see our CRM tools in action on the Microsoft platform.

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5 Signs Your Charity Needs a New CRM System