August 2020 Newsletter

What a month! August brings many changes here at Total Enterprise Solutions, as well as welcoming five new customers. Learn what we have been up to this month.

August 2020 Newsletter

Next Steps for Project Sapphire

We have been busy working on Project Sapphire and building on the internal processes, tools and knowledge established to date. In August we saw the first phase of the customer portal including our live chat service go live with great feedback. Over the next couple of months we are focusing on customer reporting which will be accessible from within the portal. Further enhancements in the portal and onboarding new services, like our new upgrade assurance service for SaaS customers, will follow.

For more detail on these changes and to provide any feedback on what you would like to see being delivered in Project Sapphire, please get in contact; we would love to hear from you.

Big Welcome to our Five New Customers who have chosen TES as their New Dynamics Delivery Partner

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is the nation’s leading charity working on programmes of activity to help prevent, educate and research diabetes. A national charity that works locally through regional branches, Diabetes UK has 400 staff and an incredible volunteer community of 5,500 workers. 

TES have been awarded the contract to deploy a finance system to help improve efficiency throughout the organisation. Its versatility makes Business Central  ideal for both head office and branch operations.  

The system will join up Operations and Finance to increase the scope of reporting capabilities and ensure agile decision-making around funding.  The proposed solution will be deployed through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Army Families Federation

Army Families Federation (AFF) are a non-profit organisation that has been around for approximately 40 years. The AFF supports families of the armed forces by lobbying and advocating for changes to policies, with project prioritisation managed using an electronic submission system and offering additional access via a helpline.  

Army Families Federation (AFF) are a non-profit organisation that has been around for approximately 40 years. The AFF supports families of the armed forces by providing advice and support to queries via electronic submission or via a help line.  AFF also provide support by lobbying and advocating for changes to policies.

Following an initial call with AFF on 5th March 2020, TES were invited to submit a proposal as well as demonstrate a tailored system using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework.

On 5th May 2020 TES were awarded the contract. AFF’s system includes a new CRM database within Microsoft’s secure cloud to replace their legacy database as well as a new case management process.

Deaf Action

Deaf Action is a deaf-led charity providing services across Scotland to the estimated 1,012,000 people living with varying degrees of hearing loss. Deaf Action’s mission is to improve the quality and conditions of life for deaf people. 

Following an initial period of discovery TES were able to present a Dynamics 365 CRM demonstration and proposal to Deaf Action on 9th June 2020. The proposed project scope was based on the high priority items identified during discovery process that included Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This will improve and replace Deaf Action’s processes around reception call logging and tracking, advertising of courses, registration and attendance. 

Improvements to Deaf Action’s Equipment Service were also key, along with Fundraising and Marketing. TES were awarded the contract on 25th June 2020 and the project is now well underway.


The Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to conducting criminal investigations during armed conflict and analysing evidence of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

TES was selected to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central as their new finance system to help streamline their processes and give CIJA better control and visibility over grants and projects.

CIJA choose Business Central because of its strong multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities. Business Central will provide greater analysis, insight and reporting capability to help maximise the value of their services.

Bible Society

Bible Society was established by Royal Charter to encourage the wider circulation and use of the Bible. In line with that, they work at home and abroad to see Christians confident in the Scriptures, a changed conversation about the Bible in culture and the transformative embodiment of the Bible in the world.

Business Central was selected as a finance and operations system because of its integrated inventory management capability. This joined up approach will give the Bible Society invaluable insight and reporting to facilitate distribution of bibles across the global.

The cloud SaaS model and Business Central’s intuitive interface was another key driver in its selection. These elements mean less effort and resource are needed to manage and operate the system on a day-to-day basis.

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Extended NFP Roadmap and Engagement with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

As part of TES’s continued commitment to developing our position within the charity sector, we have extended our product development roadmap to include new areas of functionality and complimentary technologies from the O365 and D365 stack.

In addition to delivering several feature enhancements to the existing NFP modules, recent additions to the NFP pack include a Fund Re-allocation module in BC and integrated PayPal transaction processing for D365 portals. In terms of technology, we are making extensive use of PowerAutomate to implement custom integrations and migrating the processing of business logic in D365 to Azure Functions to ensure we have performance and scalability in our solution offerings. 

Our recent project wins in the NFP sector across both BC and D365 have not gone unnoticed at Microsoft. TES now have direct engagement with the Global Tech for Social Impact team and attend executive briefings at which we get early visibility on the technical roadmap of the MS NFP Accelerator. This enables us to align our own product development and solution offerings with the latest industry developments and consolidates our position as the UK Dynamics partner of choice for NFPs.

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August 2020 Newsletter