Strong Governance

TES embeds the four principles of good governance, accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility in providing for the best interest of its stakeholders – customers, people, partnerships and community, and the business as a whole.

TES lives by its values. They define the TES approach with the belief that good corporate governance is about maximising shareholder value on a sustainable basis while ensuring fairness to all stakeholders: customers, people, partnerships and community.

Sustainability can no longer be ignored, and as part of good corporate governance and development of its sustainable strategy, TES will create new transparent ways for benchmarking its performance and measuring itself against changing expectations and challenges that exist across sustainable issues.

TES has already demonstrated commitment in delivering strong governance through initiatives such as, ISO/IEC27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, ITIL and Living Wage. TES will continue this commitment through the introduction of a sustainability strategy and the implementation of ISO9001 for Quality Management expected by the end of 2022.

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Strong Governance