Consolidate All of Your Organisational Relationships

An organisation can only be as strong as its team, and having the correct resources are vital to maintaining an efficient workforce. Not only does this mean making data accessible to all necessary departments from a single system, aiding the sales process, it also means ensuring information regarding prospective leads can be used in the most optimal way.

Consolidate All of Your Organisational Relationships

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can implement all of this and more, integrating with your core software platforms to deliver the best quality output. Whether it’s aligning mailing list or gaining insight to new leads, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can add incomparable value to your business with its intelligent data management.

For NFPs, this value can mean the difference in changing an individual’s life. Create an even greater positive impact with a better understanding of your supporters, personalised campaigns and data-driven lead management. The seamless integration offered by the CRM not only reduces manual workload, but also enables your sales team focus on leads with the greatest engagement, therefore increasing the chance of a converting one-off donors into lifelong supporters.

Relationship Management

With centralised data you can profile supporters to better understand the positioning of your NFP, and how this can be leveraged to increase engagement and donations in the future. What’s more, you can also use this singular source of information to improve internal collaboration, aligning all major departments and sharing key resources to create a powerful synergy. 

Campaign Management

Taking a deep dive into your engagement allows for a greater understanding of what works with your target audience. Avoid creating marketing messages that are seen as little more than ‘noise’ and instead personalise content to be relevant to your desired segment based on this insight. Each industry will have a preferred platform for communication, maximising reach and engagement. 

Donor Management

Easily identify major donors and transform your sales process to reflect these opportunities. Instead of manually overseeing customer engagement, you can immediately see who is engaging with your content and build campaigns to nurture these important relationships.

Make a Difference

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Consolidate All of Your Organisational Relationships