Consolidate All Your Organisational Relationships

Take our example contact, Richard Stevens, into consideration.

Richard has two separate roles as a consultant and a trustee at two separate organisations. As a charity, we may want to directly engage with Richard in both capacities using separate details. We may also want to track this correspondence in the system separately for each role. All while allowing Richard to manage his contact preferences separately for each of his contact details.

Sounds Complicated… Right?

That’s where Dynamics 365 can help. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact management system, all your organisational contacts are effectively stored in one, clear system. Meaning you can manage relationships and gain complete visibility of all communications and interactions with ease.

What can Dynamics 365 do for Charities?

In addition to managing your organisational relationships, you can also use Dynamics 365 to optimise efficiency within your charity:

Further information for charities regarding Dynamics 365 can be found here. Sign up to our CRM for charities webinar.

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Consolidate All Your Organisational Relationships