Fundraising throughout COVID-19

Fundraising is at the core of many charities and non-profit organisations, supported by the generosity of the public and organisations, allowing them to aid those in need.

Fundraising throughout COVID-19

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have adopted a new way of working and with that, there may be new challenges in relation to the way funds are raised.

In response, charities may need to develop new processes, or even switch systems altogether. Whether your charity needs additional support or you need help implementing a new Microsoft finance or CRM system, TES are here to help.

Perfecting your Donor Journey

As our lives become increasingly more digital, we have learnt to utilise digital platforms and applications for video conferences with our colleagues to chatting with your friends and family online, and your charities fundraising is no different.

How good is your charity’s donor journey? Now is the time to ensure that your fundraising processes are as effective and integrated as possible!

Emergency Fundraising & Grants

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting many lives and organisations around the world, and as a result, fundraising for charities and non-profit organisations is more important than ever.

On April 8th, the chancellor announced special aid for charities and not-for-profits of all sizes, including small and medium-sized organisations.

£370 million has been allocated to fund and support NFPs and charitable organisations in need, so they can continue to support others during this challenging time.

TES – Here to Help

We’ve been supporting charity and not-for-profit organisations for over a decade, and we will continue to do so even during these difficult times. Get in touch to see how we can help your charity.

Start your digital transformation process with TES today.

Whether you’d like to arrange an informal chat, a free demo or discuss a potential project, our team of charity and not-for-profit digital transformation experts are always on hand.

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Fundraising throughout COVID-19