How Should Charities Respond in Times of Uncertainty?

We are living in exceptional times amongst growing trade conflicts, climate change, poverty, and wars across the globe. And now, to top it off, COVID has brought the possibility of a second lockdown. Turbulent times are set to continue, throwing forward the need for digital solutions, with many organisations being forced to permanently rethink communication and collaboration.

How Should Charities Respond in Times of Uncertainty?

Distance can act as an obstacle to effective decision making, often restricted by disconnected data sets and fragmented processes. This means having a centralised system where data can be easily accessed, analysed, and shared is crucial to protecting a finance team’s ability to operate from any location at any time.

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Our 365 Business Central for NFP provides the perfect power platform to enable digital transformation by centralising data and processes into a single cloud (SaaS) finance/ ERP solution, improving security controls and providing real-time access to data. It also allows you to harness your investment in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft’s Power Suite (PowerBI and PowerApps) with direct integrations, designed to keep your organisation connected.

While the idea of implementing a digital transformation strategy during such ‘strange times’ may seem like a challenge, keeping your organisation agile and well connected is a great way to ensure optimal positioning is maintained. Never has there been a greater need to make the world a better place, which is why we have designed our ERP for charity solutions to create maximum social change.

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How Should Charities Respond in Times of Uncertainty?