Make Life Easier for Those on The Road

As long as there have been ‘travelling sales people’ or ‘sales reps’, there’s been a painful and irksome process called “expense claims”.

Make Life Easier for Those on The Road

Expenses have to be done whether it’s to back up cash claims or justify card payments.

It’s simply a fact of life for travelling executives. But where does it hurt?

Much of the pain comes from paper. Piles of crumpled annoying little receipts that you’d rather just throw away but have to keep to prove to the boss that you’ve spent money only on allowable items for genuine business reasons.

It sounds complicated when you start breaking it down like this and indeed expense policy management can be complex.

Yet when you start factoring in the time needed to meticulously record every expense in a claim sheet, often shoehorning a single expense into a pre-existing code that doesn’t quite fit and then sending in all the annoying paper receipts from who-knows-where on such-and-such-a-day – it’s starting to become a real pain in the neck!

That’s just the start.

What about the manager who must sort through it all, examining every expense and receipt in order to sign it off as ‘justified’? Or the accounting team that then has to go through them again, satisfy themselves that they are all justified and within a policy, in order to issue a payment back to the travelling business executive?

It’s enough to make you scream just thinking about it. And that’s assuming it all goes smoothly. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Time to change

Isn’t it time to make life easier? Don’t we need a business application process that supports us in our day-to-day business expense claims, rather than one that just places an intolerable burden on us?

The good news is that help is at hand in the form of expense management software. Expense software that’s born in the Cloud, built from the ground up to solve all the age-old problems of expense claim management and developed with the help of the very people it’s designed for.

Plus, it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Hello, paperless expense claims with Zetadocs Expenses! 

So how does it make life easier for travelling business executives? Firstly, Zetadocs Expenses does away with paper receipts (or at least the need to keep them only to submit them at the end of the month). Instead, one can simply snap them ‘on the go’ and submit them instantly using a smartphone app.

Secondly, because paper receipts are no longer needed, the business traveller saves time. Instead of troublesome admin, Zetadocs Expenses gives them time back so that they can be more productive.

Thirdly, the boss is much happier because he/she can review and approve expense reports much faster and online – another big time-saving.

Fourthly, for accounting teams it’s easier and quicker to manage expense policy, process claims, reconcile accounts and make expense payments correctly.

To Summarise

Zetadocs Expenses makes life easier for travelling business executives because it’s paperless, fast, easy and convenient. It fits with existing processes that travelling executives follow.

It’s born in the Cloud, which also means it’s easy to roll out, use and manage.

Simplify your Expense Management with TES

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