Maximise Your Microsoft Cloud Investment

Cloud technology is flexible and scalable with an abundance of tools and applications, so it’s no wonder more organisations of all sizes and industries are adopting the use of the Cloud.

Maximise Your Microsoft Cloud Investment

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud essentially allows you to “rent” the use of software on a licensed term which is accessed via the Internet, as opposed to your computer’s hard drive. If you use an online service such as storage, sending emails, playing games or watching videos, it’s likely you’re already using Cloud technology!

Cloud computing has been growing in popularity in the last decade, many companies have implemented Cloud computing into their infrastructure, from government agencies to start-ups, global corporations and charities.

Benefits of the Cloud

Discover the top 4 reasons why Cloud computing is so popular, and why your business should invest.

  1. Scalability

With the Cloud, you can deliver IT resources needed whenever it’s required. This could be anything from computing power to storage and bandwidth.

  1. Cost

Due to the nature of the Cloud, you eliminate the need to purchase hardware and software, as well as servers, power and IT experts.

  1. Performance

Most Cloud services are provided on a self-serve basis, meaning within a few clicks you can access applications and tools without having to install hefty software.

  1. Reliability

The most common concern about Cloud computing is its reliability, however the Cloud is a dependable way to back-up and safely store important data.

The Best Cloud Computing for You

Choosing the right Cloud computing solution needn’t be confusing. Here at Total Enterprise Solutions, we take pride in working with only the best in the business and that’s why we recommend Microsoft. 

Microsoft is an all-in-one platform that offers three services:

Using Microsoft means your entire organisation draws information from a single common data source, enabling better organisation and productivity. Without the ability to share and understand the same data, an organisation would need multiple systems, all requiring their own maintenance – a costly and time consuming solution. 

With Microsoft Cloud, the process is simplified. The common data model provides a shared data source for all applications across the organisation, enabling a consistent view of Office 365 and Dynamics 365, as well as Power Apps and Power Bi. 

This is one of the big attractions of working with Dynamics 365 – the ability to enhance not-for-profit organisations’ existing Office 365 investment and functionality with the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central & CRM, and vice versa. This simple approach absolutely enables not-for-profit companies to achieve more with less!

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Maximise Your Microsoft Cloud Investment