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With TES having well over a decade of working with charities and nonprofits, we are always looking for ways to further benefit our current customers who fall within these groups. Microsoft's Tech for Social Impact is ensuring that charities and nonprofits can make the most of the software on offer so these organisations can keep their main focus on the great work that they do. 

Who is Tech for Social Impact?

Often shortened to ‘TSI’, Tech for Social Impact is a group within Microsoft, focused on delivering relevant, affordable and innovative cloud solutions to support charities and nonprofit organisations.

In addition, to providing grant and discount opportunities on Microsoft’s cloud products, TSI collaborate closely with the partner community. Partners like TES utilise and extend a common data service for nonprofits (provided by TSI). This common data service provides charity-specific data structures and functionality without customers having to start from scratch, providing significant cost savings in the process.

Why is TES working with Tech for Social Impact?

Building products independent from the work of Tech for Social Impact would counteract cost savings available to our customers, as well as putting TES out of alignment with Microsoft. For this reason, TES has chosen to work with Tech for Social Impact.

TES is an organisation that continues to support charities and nonprofits with a desire to become the UK’s leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics to NFPs. To achieve our ambition, we believe that strategic alignment with Microsoft, combined with the innovation of our team, will allow TES customers to benefit from the very best technology solutions available on the market.

What are the benefits to TES customers?

Aside from reduced costs and the ability to leverage market-leading technology, the strategic alignment between TES and Tech for Social Impact provides our customers with a truly futureproof solution.

Utilising the common data service for nonprofits, combined with any of the extended ‘TES Apps’, will provide the opportunity for customers to adopt future updates from Microsoft or TES without the need for ‘big bang’ upgrades and (usually) within existing licence arrangements for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and CRM.

Both TES and Microsoft will continue to develop and offer innovative technology solutions with charity and nonprofit organisations in mind, and we believe that our collaborative approach will offer the greatest value to our customers.

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