TES upgrades to Cyber Essential Plus

TES upgrades to Cyber Essentials Plus

With the threat to cyber security ever increasing, TES is extremely proud to have received certification for Cyber Essentials Plus, a UK government-backed scheme. This is an upgrade from TES’ previous Cyber Essentials certification, which the company has held since 2018.

The award demonstrates that TES is taking preventative action to reduce the threat of cyber-attacks, and to ensure the company’s firewalls, secure configuration, control user, access, anti-malware, and phishing prevention have been implemented correctly. TES continuously invests in improving not only its services, but every facet of the business, especially when it comes to the protection of data. With the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, TES is strengthening its already robust security measures that it has built over many years.

A licensed auditor has confirmed all the controls TES declared in its Cyber Essentials self-assessment certification are in place and are sufficient in protecting cyber threats to the TES organisation.

Why is this necessary?

The damage from cyber-attacks can often be costly, creating irreparable damages to some UK companies. Around four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) reported cyber security breaches last year according to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021. On 17th December, a National Cyber Security warning that logging tool Log4J would potentially create the most severe computer vulnerability in years was published. This was followed at the end of January with a warning against Mirai-based malware. At the beginning of this month (February 2022), the long list of warnings also included deliveries of McCoys, Hula Hoops and KP products, after KP Snacks was hit by ransomware.

Though the media often focus on extremely costly attacks on big businesses by hackers from outside the UK, the ruthless cyber security infiltrators are a threat to every business, whether it is a start-up or the NHS. According to the government, a sizeable number of organisations that identify breaches report a specific negative outcome or impact. On average, the costs are substantial.

TES implements digital transformation solutions that assist with the complex day-to-day management of finance, administration, and internal and external communications. By working alongside organisations with differing requirements in contrasting sectors including charity and NFP, the public sector and commercial, TES has become familiar with the need for the highest level of data protection whoever the organisation and whatever the sector.

Cyber security is all-important to TES and its ongoing commitment to protect its customer’s data. To work with organisations and make them more efficient and effective, TES continually consider, understand, and manage all areas of risk applicable to data.

TES upgrades to Cyber Essential Plus

Setting the standards

Since 2017, TES has held certification for the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security, and in 2018 was certified with Cyber Essentials, providing peace of mind that defences will protect against cyber-attacks. The commitment to protecting customer data has now been confirmed with TES receiving certification for Cyber Essentials Plus.

TES is also in the process of working towards ISO 9001, Quality Management System certification for the end of 2022. Achieving certification of ISO 9001, alongside ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus validates the company’s dedication to secure delivery of high-quality digital transformation services.

For over 15 years, quality, integrity and passion has been demonstrated by TES, delivering systems that allow organisations to step into digital transformation and let outgrown systems be a thing of the past.

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TES upgrades to Cyber Essential Plus