The Brave New World of AI

Microsoft are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) reinforcing that these capabilities are a critical element of their future product and service offerings.

The Brave New World of AI

As a result of this strategy we have three AI and ML powered capabilities available ‘out of the box’ in Dynamics 365 Business Central and we expect to see more in future version releases. These are:

  1. Item setup assisted by image recognition
  2. Late payment predictions for sales orders
  3. Inventory forecasting

All of the AI and ML features are designed around the principle of cognition, providing insights and insights driving actions. AI and ML have greater cognition capabilities that traditional reporting methods so can provide insights that would not otherwise have been apparent. These insights can drive actions which give the business a competitive edge.

As mentioned, we expect to see more AI & ML features appearing in Dynamics 365 Business Central as ‘out of the box’ features in coming months. In addition, for customers who have unique business scenarios, which would benefit from AI and ML insights, they are also providing an Azure based framework in which custom models can be built. These models can then easily be integrated into your Dynamics 365 Business Central application to drive the actions that will transform your business processes.

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The Brave New World of AI