Thinking of Moving to Azure? 5 Reasons Why We Agree!

1. We Can Help You With Migration

Azure allows users to migrate their complete solution to the Cloud with ease. Saving you time, money and effort, we can assist you through this process… or there is a step by step guide how to do it yourself here.

2. Security

Security is top of any organisations agenda following the implementation of the General Data Protection Act and the continual threat of hacking or data leaks. Microsoft has a dedicated security team to ensure the highest levels of security is taking care of the Azure Cloud. With the ability to back up your data in various locations around the globe, you can be sure your system is safe and secure backed up in another data centre.

Microsoft is also investigating an eco-friendlier data centre in the sea – you can watch a video about this here.

3. We Practice What We Preach

We never store customer data, systems or our projects on hardware – it’s all in the Azure Cloud. This is due to its reliability. Your team can access their work any time of the day or night.

4. It’s So Flexible

Buy the space you need now, and increase your requirement as you grow. If you have a sudden requirement for more space, Azure keeps track of your solution and will auto-scale to ensure your requirements are always met.

For more information around Azure’s scalability click here.

5. From Data to Insight in Seconds

Make educated decisions with your data exactly how you want to visualise it. Power BI and Azure are both tools TES use to help you streamline, secure and run your organisation so we can give you what you need when you need it.

If you would like to discuss moving your organisation into the Azure Cloud and the benefits around this, please use the form below to enquire or just give us a call!

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Thinking of Moving to Azure? 5 Reasons Why We Agree!