Why Your Charity Should Invest in a CRM system

This year, charities have been facing extremely challenging circumstances following the outbreak of COVID-19. Not only has that meant a decline in donations, but one in 10 UK NFPs are now facing the possibility of bankruptcy due to the £10bn shortfall and soaring demand for their services in the height of the pandemic.

Why Your Charity Should Invest in a CRM system

It has never been more important for these organisations to stay on top of their management processes; finding new donors and maintaining contact with current ones. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a seamless method of centralising this data, enabling growth and most importantly, providing essential tools for survival. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions offer you a 360-degree view of your relationships including reporting, connectivity, analytics and added functionality. Read on to understand the benefits of CRM for your organisation.

1. All-in-one Platform

Access real-time performance data with Dynamics 365 CRM for Charity, and gain better oversight of your organisation’s supporters, donors, volunteers, all from one place. Maximise efficiency by saving time scrolling through multiple data sources, meanwhile creating a clear data-driven vision for the future.  You can also integrate any 365 data, making it easier for all areas of your charity to be managed from a single solution.

2. Grant Administration

Simplify your grant management process using Dynamics 365 CRM for Charity. Track submissions from start to finish, enabling accurate and in-depth reporting and allowing for better collaboration.

3. Personalise your Service

Ensure new and existing supporters feel valued with personalised content, using data from your CRM system to tailor communications to suit a variety of wants and needs. Personalising interactions can also aid in segmenting your network, for example when communicating with organisations who have previously shown interest in a particular niche of events.

4. Manage Campaigns with Ease

Dynamics 365 CRM not only provides the information to truly understand your supporters, it also enables you to build strategic campaigns that will transform one-off donations into ongoing supporters. Dynamics 365 CRM also comes with event management functionality and integrations with popular event management platforms like Eventbrite, helping charities stay organised at the busiest of times.

5. Stay Connected

Don’t let remote working become an obstacle in achieving success for your NFP. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions allow for business-wide interactions, enabling staff to share and access data on one system, as one team, wherever they are.  

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Why Your Charity Should Invest in a CRM system